Let’s Make Flower Art with Paper Circles – Fun Craft for Kids!

Are you ready to have some crafty fun with your little ones? Let’s dive into making beautiful flower art using simple paper circles! It’s a fantastic spring activity for preschoolers, and even us grown-ups will enjoy getting creative alongside them.

For this craft, we’re going to use basic shapes like circles and half-moons to make adorable flowers. It’s super easy and perfect for kids around 4 years old. So, gather your little artists and let’s get started!

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Paper flower making for toddlers

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Paper: Grab some colorful construction paper, old magazines, or any paper you have lying around.
  • Glue: Get your glue stick or white school glue ready.
  • Scissors: Make sure they’re kid-friendly and safe to use.
  • Pencil: We’ll use this to sketch our flower designs.
  • Round objects: If you have a compass, great! If not, no problem. We can use lids, cups, or anything round to trace our circles. You can even use things like vitamin bottle caps or plastic cups as templates for cutting circles. Additionally, if you have stenciling tools or punches with different diameters, those can work wonders too!

Simple paper flower from circles

Step-by-Step Guide

Now, let’s jump into the fun part – making our paper flowers!

1. Pick Your Paper

Choose different colors and textures to make your flowers pop. Let your little ones pick their favorites!

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2. Cut Out Circles and Half-Moons

Help your child cut out circles of various sizes from the paper. You can also cut some half-moons for petals, or just fold the in half to create a 3D effect.

Easy paper flower crafts for kindergarten

3. Arrange the Petals

Let your little artist experiment with arranging the circles and half-moons to create their own unique flower designs. They can overlap them, layer them, or mix and match colors.

4. Glue it Together

Once they’re happy with their design, it’s time to glue everything down. Help them apply glue to the back of each circle and stick it onto another circle or paper to form a flower.

Kids' art projects with paper circles

5. Add Final Touches

Encourage your child to get creative by adding extra details like stems, leaves, or even a smiling face to their flowers. They can use markers, crayons, or stickers for this part.

And voilà! Your little ones have created their very own masterpiece – a bouquet of beautiful paper flowers!

Kid-friendly paper crafts for spring

Display their creations proudly on the fridge or in their room, or give them as sweet gifts to friends and family. The best part is seeing the joy and pride on their faces as they admire their artwork.

So, grab your supplies, gather your little artists, and let the crafting fun begin! Happy flower-making!

Paper flower card making for kids

Easy flower crafts from paper circles

Paper circle flowers diy for 4 year olds

Simple paper flowers from paper circles