Halloween cupcake decorations – Spooky ideas with candy and frosting


If you are throwing a Halloween party and you can resist to purchase all the sweets from the bakery, then you could still amaze your guests with deliciously spooky cupcakes. You can choose an easy cupcake recipe and then decorate them by yourself using various ideas and your creativity. Here is a small collection of some spooky Halloween cupcake decorations that can inspire you.

Halloween cupcake decorations – Draw spooky faces

halloween cupcake decorations drawing face chocolate

Here you can draw scary faces on the cupcakes, attach wings, teeth and eyes, decorating them with bats, skeletons and witch hats.  With cream you can make them looking like brains, mummies – using strips of sweets as bandages and candies for the eyes. Transform cupcakes into spiders with long legs. ANd finally you can put on top figures and symbols of Halloween like a pumpkin, ghost, tombstones and witch brooms.

Halloween cupcake decorations – Play with chocolate and frosting

halloween cupcake white frosting spider web spooky ideas

For the Halloween cupcake decorations you can use cream, chocolate, all kinds of sprinkles, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, M & M’s, nuts, raisins, bananas, and more.

halloween cupcake spider chocolate sprinkles legs

 halloween decorations cupcake frosting spider web chocolate

halloween cupcake decorations witch hats orange cream

halloween cupcake spooky ideas owls oreo eyes

halloween cupcake decorations spooky ideas eyes brains

halloween cupcake decorations spooky ideas chocolate spiders

halloween cupcake decorations ideas  eyes legs sticks

halloween cupcake skeletons spooky ideas bones

halloween cupcake spider decoration spooky ideas

halloween cupcakes owls oreo ideas

halloween cupcake mummies spooky ideas mnms

halloween cupcake mummy spooky idea candy eyes

halloween cupcake ghosts ideas chocolate chip eyes

halloween cupcake decorations witch hat paper

halloween cupcake decorations spooky ideas spider web ghost face

halloween cupcake decorations orange frosting chocolate faces

halloween cupcake cookie monster oreo eyes