18 fun appetizers and snacks recipes for kids party or adult dinner

Appetizers are a great start for every party or dinner while the guests are waiting for the main course. Every food connoisseur would carefully choose the ingredients, herbs and would balance the flavour to please the taste. But if you want to emphasize on creative forms and interesting touch, then have a look at our  easy and fun appetizers and snacks recipes.

Fun appetizers and snacks that look like flowers and animals

fun appetizers and snacks recipe tulips tomatoes green onion cheese

Sometimes party snacks get repetitive and boring, therefore you could try something new and surprise your guests with these cute recipes. You don’t need sophisticated ingredients like salmon, caviar or shrimps… All appetizers and snacks are simple, easy and rely on your fantasy and creative touch.

Fun appetizers and snacks with creative arrangements

We’ve all heard the warning “Don’t play with food!”, but we just can’t resist to try these party ideas that would entertain your guests and especially the kids.

fun appetizers and snacks recipe ladybug tomato olives cream cheese

Cute Hot Dog

fun easy party kids snacks hot dog face

Turtle burgers

fun easy kids snacks recipes turtles burgers

Easy apple desserts – How to make apple roses for a pie and mini tarts

Creative gift wrap ideas- Disguising a champagne bottle like a pineapple

Rubik’s Cube

appetizers snacks recipes kids party sandwich rubiks cube salami

fun appetizers and snacks recipes eggs chicks carrot

fun appetizers penguins recipes carrots cream cheese

fun appetizers penguins cream cheese recipe

mushrooms skewers tomato eggs parsley


kids food burger pig face decor


idea kids party fun sanwiches monsters faces


happy frogs burgers bread kids party fun easy

 fun easy kids snacks burgers happy frogs