Easy fall cake recipes – How to make chocolate cake “Autumn leaves”


During the fall season we spend much more time at home with our friends and family – laughing and chatting over a cup of coffee. And there is no better coffee companion than a delicious chocolate cake. One of these easy fall cake recipes is a real delight both for the eyes and the taste. You are going to impress your guests not only with this delicious chocolate cake but also with its interesting decoration made with real green leaves. See how from the tutorial below.

Easy fall cake recipes – How to make a chocolate cake “Autumn leaves”

for the layers:
170 g / 1 ⅓ cups of flour
90 g / 1 cup of cocoa
1 tsp of baking soda
250g / 1 ½ cups powdered sugar
2 eggs
250g / 1 ½ cups of milk
125g soft butter
1 k. l vanilla or vanilla powder

for glazing:
2 tbsp apricot jam

for the cream:
200g sour cream
100 g cream
100 g / 1 cup caster sugar
1 k. l vanilla or vanilla powder

for the glaze:
100 g dark chocolate
100 g butter

for the chocolate leaves and the butterfly:
50 g dark chocolate
50 g white chocolate
cocoa and castor sugar for sprinkling
a few green rose leaves, ivy, lemon, etc.

1. Sift the flour with cocoa and baking soda. Mix the butter with the caster sugar, add eggs, one at a time, stir constantly, add milk, vanilla and the flour-cocoa mixture. Stir on low speed 2 minutes and fast for 4 minutes until the mixture gently lightens and becomes creamy. Bake 40 min at 180 ° C in a form with a diameter 20-22 cm. Take out from the oven, leave in the form for about 10 minutes, then take it out and leave to cool on a wire rack. Cut it horizontally into 2 parts.

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easy fall cake recipes sift flour cocoa baking sodaeasy fall cake recipes add eggs milk vanilla
2. Whim the sour cream with a mixer at high speed, and when it thickened, add sugar, vanilla and liquid cream. Start whipping with a mixer, until the cream gets stiffer. Lather the bottom of the cooled cake layer with cream and cover with the top layer. Heat the apricot jam and lather the top of the cake.

easy fall cake recipes creamy mixture bakingeasy fall cakes recipe shearing cake
3. Break the chocolate into pieces and melt it on a double boiler. Add the butter and mix it thoroughly. Leave it to cool and when it begins to thicken, pour it over the cake. With a spatula spread it on all sides of the cake. Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler. Make a cornet out of a baking paper. Pour the chocolate into it, close and cut off just a little bit from the top of the cornet. Make with it a white spiral over the soft brown chocolate. With a toothpick or bamboo skewer make radial lines from the center to the edges of the cake. Like a  spider web. Save the rest of the white chocolate in the cornet.

easy fall cake recipes cake cream spreading

easy fall cake recipes chocolate frosting pieces water bath

easy fall cake recipes cure glaze black white chocolate spider web

Easy fall cake recipes – decorating technique

4. Melt the rest of the dark chocolate for the leaves and prepare a new cornet. Print a template of a butterfly and lay it under a baking sheet. Then begin to outline the contours of the wings with dark chocolate and fill the holes with the rest of the white chocolate. Put the wings of the butterfly in the fridge. Then place them at an angle and attach them to each other with a little dark chocolate. Put it again in the refrigerator.

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easy fall cake recipes baking paper cornet square butterfly wings

easy fall cake recipes green washed leaves
5. The green leaves are washed and dried. Using a paintbrush make a thick layer of chocolate on the reverse side of the leaves where the fibers are embossed. Put them in the freezer for ten minutes, take them out, peel the chocolate quickly and gently from the green part, then back in the fridge. Once all the leaves are ready arrange the cake with them. Put the butterfly on the top by sticking it with the rest of the melted chocolate.

easy fall cake recipes paintbrush chocolate
6. The finished cake is sprinkled lightly with cocoa and caster sugar.