Easy cupcake decorating ideas – Colourful paper wheels with buttons

The big cakes have long been overtaken by small, fine cupcakes. Muffins conquer each cake buffet – whether you’re at a child’s birthday or a wedding gala. With a pretty decoration any  cupcake could become a perfect eyecatcher. These easy cupcake decorating ideas are so compatible that they can be also repurposed for universal table decoration.

Easy cupcake decorating ideas made of paper

easy cupcake decorating ideas diy materials buttons paper

You need:
– Colorful origami paper or gift paper (A4)
– Needle and thread
– Colorful buttons
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun
– Toothpicks
– Double-sided tape
– Ribbon (for the napkin ring)
From one A4 sheet you’ll make 6 wheels.

Easy cupcake decorating ideas – Step by step

easy cupcake decorating ideas diy wheels folding paper

First, cut the sheet of paper longitudinally into two halves (each 105 x 291 mm). Then fold one strip on the short side in a zigzag starting in similar as possible, about 4-5 mm wide strips.

easy cupcake decorating  ideas diy cutting strips folded

When the strip is completely folded, cut into three approximately equal parts.

easy cupcake decorating ideas diy wheels needle thread

Now pierce the strip with a needle and thread at the one end. Take three to four folds, not all together.

easy cupcake decorating ideas diy double sided tape

Now on one of the outer folds attach a piece of double-sided adhesive tape.

easy cupcake decorating ideas diy thread folded strips

After that stick together the two outer sides and tie the two ends of the threads to a knot. The  wheel is ready.

easy cupcake idea buttons decorating diy colourful

Now glue with the hot glue gun colorful buttons and / or colored paper circles in the center of the wheel.

cool cupcake decorating diy idea paper wheels toothpick

On the back you can now attach a toothpick into a paper folding with the hot glue gun. The cupcake decoration is finished!

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easy cupcake table decorating ideas diy napkin


By the way: These easy cupcake decorating ideas can not only decorate cupcakes, but the whole coffee table. Just glue a colorful paper wheel on a ribbon and tie it around the napkins. With a small, handwritten label they will even be suited for place cards.


easy cupcake decorating ideas diy paper wheels toothpicks