Easy apple desserts – How to make apple roses for a pie and mini tarts


A delicious apple dessert is the perfect way to finish any meal. Apple pies are one of these timeless classics but if you want to decorate them in the most romantic and creative way, then try one of these easy apple desserts. Apple roses can be used to decorate cakes, pies or to be served as mini apple tarts.

Easy apple desserts – Apple roses recipe

easy apple desserts how to make apple roses tarts muffins


Preparation: thin slices of apples boiled in sweet syrup, 500 ml of water 1 cup of sugar. Boil in the syrup for 2-3 minutes. Cooking time depends on the variety of the apples, but in the end the slices should be transparent. Let the slices cool a little in a colander and arrange them on a paper towel. We take a small slice and roll ith into a tube, then add gradually other slices to this tube until you get the desired size.

Easy apple desserts – Preparing the apple roses

how to make apple roses slices boil syrop


In this way you can make our first idea – an apple rose pie. This apple pie is the perfect dessert or breakfast, because it’s very juicy and slightly sour. The apples are nicely contrasting with the sweet pie, which texture is between a cake and a biscuit. Just prepare the pie dough and decorate with the apple roses.

apple rose pie recipe baking preparation


easy apple desserts apple rose pie decoration


The second idea from our easy apple desserts are the mini rose tarts. In this version you have to place the slices on dough strips and start rolling. Lay on parchment paper and bake for 25 minutes.

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diy apple roses tarts dough slices rolling

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easy apple desserts apple roses mini tarts


mini apple tarts forming roses dough slices

easy apple desserts ideas baking apple roses tarts

mini apple roses tarts muffins mini pies

easy apple desserts apple rose pie baking

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make roses potatoes thin slices bake