DIY brooch wedding bouquet made of vintage family brooches and pearls


You have surely a whole bunch of family brooches and you have no idea what to do with them. Here is the new wedding trend – vintage bridal bouquets with brooches and pearls. To make such a stunning DIY brooch wedding bouquet we need any jewelry available like brooches, rings, necklaces, glue, satin ribbon, lace, scissors, pliers and wire.

DIY brooch wedding bouquet – Tutorial

diy vintage brooch wedding bouquet green satin ribbon

diy brooch wedding bouquet vintage brooches or ornaments

 Put each component of the bouquet on a wire and spin to make “stems”.

making brooch bridal bouquet wire brooch flowers

 Gather the ready brooch flowers together and wrap with lace.

diy brooch wedding bouquet wire lace brooch flowers


diy brooch wedding bouquet tutorial riffles ribbon

 Decorate with satin ribbon of any color around the stem of the bouquet and use a permanent glue to strengthen. Make ribbon riffles below the flowers.

diy brooch wedding bouquet tutorial green satin ribbon

 Pass a piece of 20 cm thin wire inside the bigger pearl beads. Secure the ends with glue. Attatch this ornament inside the bouquet to fill the “holes” left.


diy brooch bridal bouquet pearls fill holes

 Pass a piece of thin wire about 30 cm through the small pearl beads and decorate the bouquet by  keeping the wire ends free. Glue rhinestones on the very tips to complete the look.

diy brooch bridal bouquet tutorial pearls rhinestones

 And here some others designs for a beautiful DIY brooch wedding bouquet

vintage brooch wedding bouquet silver rhinestones white roses

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vintage bridal bouquet brooches wedding trend


diy wedding brooch bouquet vintage white ivory


diy small brooch  wedding bouquet vintage brooches lace


diy brooch wedding bouquet vintage pearls ivory


diy brooch wedding bouquet vintage blue satin ribbon