World Cup 2014 party – How to build a DIY football coffee table


The World Cup 2014 draws many in front of the TV at home or in the pub. So why not throw a fun party to celebrate it all together, with family and friends? In order that you can really get in a football party mood, you need some soccer themed decor with a world champion flair like this cute DIY football coffee table. You can actually build it by yourself, if you follow the step-by-step instructions.

World Cup 2014 party decor

World Cup 2014 party themed decor diy coffee table materials

Needed materials: a table top (80 x 80 cm or 120 x 60 cm, 25 mm thick), 4 footballs, a jigsaw, white and green acrylic paint, a paint brush, masking tape, a saucer, a pencil.

Mark and saw out the holes for the table legs – in this case 4 footballs

World Cup 2014 party theme decor coffee table wood tutorial

 To build the football coffee table, you need a wood board – at least 25 mm thick. The dimensions of the table in this example are 80 x 80 cm. Of course, the coffee table may also have realistic proportions of a rectangular soccer field like 120 x 60 cm.

2014 world cup party wooden table top saw out

On this wood board draw four circles for the legs using a pencil and a teacup saucer. The diameter should be about 16 cm so that the footballs can fit into the hole. Then drill a small hole in the marked circles and then saw them out with a jigsaw. Ideally, the circles should be sewn at a 45 degree angle, so that the footballs could “snap” later exactly in the holes.

Paint the table top and draw the field lines of your World Cup 2014 party table

2014 world cup party idea diy coffee table balls table leg

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Next, paint the wooden board with white acrylic paint and let the paint dry. Then cover the lines of the playing field with masking tape, such as frames, center line and goal areas, so that they remain white. Then, apply the green paint.Remove the masking tape after the paint has dried. If you like it more authentic, you can use artificial grass. For this, cut and glue the grass to the size of the board. Then paint the lines on the grass and let the paint dry.

2014 world cup themed party idea soccer field table top

Paint the center circle and insert the footballs

world cup 2014 party decor table soccer field table top dimesions

Finally, only the center circle is missing. To do this, make with masking tape two circles in the center with a diameter of 16 cm and 20 cm. Apply white paint in the gap between them. Once everything is dry, insert the four footballs in the holed. You can use the DIY football coffee table immediately.

world cup football themed party food coffee table soccer field top

world cup themed party decor coffee table idea



2014 world cup themed party dimensions coffee table