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How to make a gourd birdhouse – Beautiful design and paint technique

If you’re growing ornamental gourds in your garden, we offer you to use them creatively by making an unique and beautiful birdhouse. This birdhouse would be a perfect decoration for your garden for the summer and the warm days. For this decorative gourd birdhouse you will need:

– acrylic paint and brushes

– MDF sheets for the roof of the house.

So let’s start making this beautiful gourd birdhouse

Take a dried gourd. Cut at an angle two holes at the top and one on the front with a diameter about 4 cm.

gourd diy cuting birdhouse

Then smooth the edges with sandpaper.

gourd trim hollow decoration

Paint it all in white.

painted gourd bird house

Leave it to dry well or use a heat gun or a hairdryer

garden gourd art decoration

Paint it again with a paint in light green shade.

homemade decorative birdhouse

Decorating the gourd birdhouse

With a pencil draw a rectangle around the hole.

paint technique gourd bird

gourd design handmade painting

house bird art decor idea

make birdhouse unique design

gourd technique house birds

Paint a wooden stick and other embellishments on the gourd birdhouse, as shown in the picture.

painted hollow nature bird house

To make this “bolt” use the tip of a pencil.

decorative house gourd art

Decorate the edges of the rectangle as an entrance of the birdhouse.

diy craft project gourd art decor

unique diy bird house step by step

Cut the MDF sheet for the roof and paint it with brown acrylic paint.

paint technique diy birdhouse gourd

Create a palette of different colors and sponge to paint the roof of the birdhouse.

pain technique styling to make birdhouse

sponge paint birdhouse technique

Use a paint roller to paint the entire gourd.

diy roller technique gourd painting

Use hot glue gun to attatch the roof.

gourd birdhouse roof design

Congratulations, you now have a stylish painted gourd birdhouse.

make gourd birdhouse unique design