How to decoupage a clay pot with fabric and a watering can with paper


The decoupage is a very simple and beautiful technique. Once you learn it, you can transform any object in a work of art. It’s already summer and we spent more time in the garden and on gardening work. Therefore we are going to show you how to decoupage a clay pot with fabric and a watering can with paper. In the spring-summer season you can proudly decorate your kitchen windowsill or any other place at home.

How to decoupage a watering can

how decoupage paper watering can flowers


First of all, you need a good watering can, then apply a primer. Wait the primer to dry for about 20 minutes.

How to decoupage and to make a patina effect

how to decoupage watering can garden decor primer
Then paint the watering with white acrylic paint. Lay another two layers after the first layer has dried.

how to decoupage metal paper white paint

Paint with a green acrylic paint the spout and handle of the watering can.

how decoupage watering can garden decor green paint
To give it a patina effect, paint with a dry brush, lightly dipped in green paint.

how to decoupage metal patina effect watering can

Add a darker green hue

how decoupage patina effect green dry brush
Now glue stickers or printed decorative art pictures

how to decoupage watering can paper stickers


how to decoupage decorative art stickers watering can


Add some embellishments like this butterfly and raffia ribbon

how decoupage watering can butterfly embelishments


how decoupage decorate watering can raffia ribbon


With creativity, fabric scraps and a little paint you can turn a flower clay pot in a lovely decor piece. See how to decoupage with fabric in the next step-by-step tutorial.

decoupage fabric scraps garden decor flower pot


You need: a clay pot, 4 x 4 cm pieces of fabric in the colors orange, pastel, colored pink and green, white paint, brush, sandpaper, white glue, marker for fabric, varnish, raffia ribbon, scissors.

how to decoupage flower pot fabric materials

Sand the piece to remove imperfections and lay a coat of white paint.

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how decoupage clay pot primer white paint


Glue the fabric scraps on the clay pot so that one piece overlaps the other. The inside could be fully painted instead of decoupaged.

how to decoupage with fabric flower pot scraps

With a fabric pen, make stitchings around the fabric scraps. Lay a coat of varnish.

how to decoupage fabric scraps flower clay pot

Make a bow with a raffia ribbon and it’s ready!

how decoupage flower clay pot fabric scraps