Homemade Christmas tree ornaments – 20 easy DIY ideas and decorations


Just like our grandmothers who were making homemade Christmas tree ornaments with natural supplies such as nuts, fruits and pine cones, we gather the whole family and have fun by making some creative ornaments. Some Christmas traditions are still cherished and continue even today. These handmade Christmas decorations have an unique appeal not only because they are cheap and easy to make, but also because we create memories with our family during the whole crafting process.

Homemade Christmas tree ornaments with natural materials

handmade christmas ornaments pinecones stars craft idea

 Use wallnuts and almonds to make these beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. If you want to add a bit of a glamour, paint them in gold. If you prefer their nautural hue, just add some beautiful checkered ribbon. For these Christmas tree crafts you can use also pinecones, cinnamon sticks and dried fruits.

Star ornament made of pasta

homemade christmas ornaments noodles forms snowflake glitter spray

If your kids love the pasta forms, now you can see it throught their eyes and discover how versatile can they actually be. Just arrange the pasta in the desired pattern, glue the parts together and paint with a glitter spray.

homemade Christmas tree ornaments using various materials

Homemade Christmas tree ornaments cotton-swabs-ball-faux-snow-spray





Here you can check out out other ideas for decorating styrofoam balls for Christmas

Christmas tree wire ornament



Snowflake ornament made of wooden clothespins


Flower ornament made of toilet paper rolls


Cardboard wrapped in brown fabric, beads, raffia and gold painted seashell


Various colorful buttons glued on styrofoam balls

diy christmas tree ornaments buttons ribbons colors

diy christmas tree ornaments buttons foam balls ribbons

Probably the most used of supplies are the foam ball and the glue gun. If you have them at first place, everything else depends on your creativity and personal taste. You can glue any kind of embelishments such as buttons, lace flowers, newspaper rolls… or just to pin sequins, paper flowers, pearls, beads and other in the foam ball.

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handmade christmas tree ornaments pinecone red santa craft

Cinnamon sticks glued on a styrofoam ball

homemade christmas tree ornaments cinnamon sticks foam ball

kids hand prints on Christmas glass ornaments

personalized christmas tree ornaments diy paint hand print kids

DIY lace foam Christmas ornaments

homemade christmas tree ornaments lace flowers relief

homemade christmas tree ornaments tutorial diy relief flowers

how to make beaded Christmas ornaments from styrofoam balls

homemade christmas tree ornaments pearls foam ball instructions

Newspaper stripes glued on a styrofoam ball and painted in gold

homemade christmas tree ornaments paper foam ball paint

romantic flowers

homemade christmas tree ornaments paper flowers pins foam ball

angel Christmas tree ornament made of doilies

homemade christmas tree ornaments doilies angel diy idea

Cupcake Christmas tree ornament

homemade christmas tree ornaments crafts foam ball cupcakes

Sequins and beads

diy christmas tree ornaments blue sequins pins foam ball


homemade christmas ornaments paper crafts red white