4 creative Halloween pumpkin craft projects made of various materials


Halloween is just around the corner and you’re probably thinking of some festive decorations for your home. Because pumpkins have often a main role in the fall and Halloween decor, we are offering you some Halloween pumpkin craft projects that you could make this year. They are easy, fun and budget-friendly! Have a look.

Halloween pumpkin craft projects using various materials

1. Pumpkin candle holder

cute pumpkin lantern diy tutorial face paper hat

You are wondering how to make a gourd Jack-O-Lantern? Then pick a pumpkin that can stand upright and follow these easy steps. First draw the eyes and mouth with a pencil. The triangles are easier to cut that the curved lines. Cut the bottom of the pumpkin and take out all the strings and seeds. After the pumpkin is emptied, place the tea candle. Make the hat form black crepe paper and tie with a ribbon. To make it even more scary, outline the carved eyes, mouth and nose with a permanent marker.

halloween pumpkin lantern tutorial diy idea hat crepe paper


pumpkin carving candle holder diy lantern crepe paper

making pumpkin candle holder carving face diy

how to make cute pumpkin lantern painting creepy face marker

2.  Pumpkin from an old sweater

how to make halloween pumpkin craft old sweather diy idea

First you need an old orange sweater, yarn thread and a button. Cut the sleeves and bottom, turn the sweater inside out and tie a knot. Turn again and fill it with the cut parts. If it’s not enough, add more rags. Sew a button on the bottom of the “pumpkin” and tie several long strings of yarn. They will shape the specific form of the pumpkin. Finally form the pumpkin stem on the top.

diy halloween pumpkin craft projects old orange sweater tutorial

 Halloween pumpkin craft projects for the kids

3. Paper pumpkins

pumpkin paper craft tutorial halloween decor kids

You need some colouful sheets of paper, scissors, needle and thread. DIvide each sheet into strips. You can also involve your kid in the work to cut the strips. It would be even better, if you have wavy-edge scissors. Bring the strips in a bundle and attach them together using a needle and thread as shown on the picture. Decorate your paper pumpkin lantern with eyes and mouth to make it more beautiful.

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halloween pumpkin paper diy tutorial orange stripes


how to make paper pumpkins halloween kids tutorial


 4. Lighted pumpkin made of jute cord



So, you will need to jute rope, a balloon, Christmas lights and PVA glue. Inflate the balloon and put it on a round plastic container. In a bowl, pour glue and moisten the jute rope in it. Wind the jute cord around the baloon but don’t forget to leave a hole on the top. When the rope is dry, burst the balloon and remove it. Paint the jute rope with spray paint in gold or silver. Take the christmas lights and put them inside. Glue on the top a real pumpkin stem or something that looks like one. Enjoy your Halloween party!

halloween pumpkin craft yarn balloon glue form


halloween pumpkin craft ideas yarn glue form


halloween pumpkin craft projects yarn string lights