Flower Pumpkin Centerpieces and 4 DIY Ideas For Your Fall Table Decor


It’s already here – the golden autumn. And the nature itself offers you the most beautiful supplies for your craft projects. Gather some natural materials from the park, the woods or your garden and create some gorgeous fall table decorations. And don’t forget that another great holiday is just around the corner – Halloween. And what would Halloween be without its essential element – the pumkin. We are offering you also two ideas on how to make flower pumpkin centerpieces that would amaze your friends and family. Let’s have a look at the instructions.

Flower pumpkin centerpieces for fall and Halloween

flower pumpkin centerpieces halloween  floral centerpiece spider bats


Halloween is unthinkable without the pumpkin! Let’s make an original festive flower pumpkin centerpieces decorates with bats and even spiders. Believe us, your work will not be unnoticed at the holiday party.

pumpkin centerpiece needes supplies gourds shrub roses


For the first diy project you need:
• a small basket,
• 4 gourds and mini pumpkins,
• a floral foam for fresh flowers ,
• grey floral wire,
• branch of viburnum,
• red and yellow roses,
• glue and black craft paper ,
• pencil , knife and scissors,
• stick to attach the pumpkins.
• plastic wrap

flower pumpkin centerpiece idea fall decor mini gourds basket


Soak the floral foam in water. Line the inside of the basket with plastic wrap to keep the water in the foam. Cut the foam with a knife to the desired size and put it in the basket. Attatch each pumpkin on a stick and insert it in the floral foam. They don’t have to be close to each other. Leave some space between them.

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flower pumpkin centerpieces flowers gourds roses halloween decor

Prepare the roses. Cut the long stalks and put a rose in the gaps between the pumpkins. Now draw three bats on the black paper and cut them out. Glue them on the gourds so that the floral pumpkin centerpiece acquires a mysterious look. Cut the wire into four parts and weave the spider out of them as shown on the picture.

flower pumpkin centerpiece paper bats halloween

To make the spider body, wrap wire with a few turns around the middle. Curve the spider legs at the ends to give them a natural look. Attatch the spider to the basket – let it hang from the basket for more interesting appeal.

flower pumpkin centerpiece tutorial gourds roses paper bats


handmade pumpkin centerpiece halloween diy project spider idea


flower pumpkin centerpiece how to make spider floral wire

 The second project of our flower pumpkin centerpieces

make flower pumpkin centerpiece instructions ideas roses rowan berries

The second project of our flower pumpkin centerpieces uses the same supplies but this time we are going to use a bigger pumpkin as a vase for the flowers. We need thin birch branches with yellow leaves, two orange shrub roses, 4-5 sprigs of ferns, a pair of rowan berries, small twigs with Viburnum berries, 5 white carnations. Black velvet or other soft cloth, floral foam for fresh flowers, floral wire, pearl head pins, a knife and scissors.

how to make flower pumpkin fall centerpiece supplies instructions


easy pumpkin centerpiece with flowers idea


flower pumpkin centerpieces tutorial diy idea berries pins


flower pumpkin centerpieces ideas rowan berries carnations vase

 flower pumpkin centerpiece halloween spider grey  floral wire

diy floral arrangements halloween making spider wire

flower pumpkin centerpiece  diy project fall decor birch branches


easy pumpkin centerpiece halloween fall tutorial


How to make gorgeous fall table decor

fall table decorations diy composition autumn  leaves nuts pomegranates


To create these decorative fall table centerpieces with the gifts of nature, it is not necessary to be a professional florist or a designer.  The colorful autumn give us the most magnificent colors – brown, bronze, scarlet, gold, maroon, orange, chocolate and lilac. Natural materials to create these compositions can be found everywhere: in the woods, in the garden, in the park. Just choose your theme – bright warm colours or the natural green shades – and find the needed materials. For the first fall arrangement you need pomegranates, autumn leaves in different shades, apples and walnuts. For the second one – pinecones, two candles in glass candle holders, cinnamon sticks and all kinds of green conifer foliage that will add texture to the whole piece.

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fall table decor make centerpieces pomegranates walnuts


fall table decor diy arrangements autumn leaves


fall table decor make arrangements colourful autumn leaves


fall table decor natural materials pinecones cinnamon sticks candles


fall table decor diy arrangements conifer foliage pinecones


diy fall table decor tray arrangements green foliage


fall table diy arrangements candles green foliage


fall table centerpiece greenery glass candle holder