11 Flower craft ideas for adults: How to make nylon tights flowers

Spring is just around the corner! We love fresh flowers but there are so many great flower craft ideas that will bring the beauty of a spring garden into your home all year that we couldn’t resist to share with you some of them. Of course, when it comes to flower crafts the most used material is paper. But with focus on sustainability and the environment people get creative with waste materials. Embrace the upcycling trend and find out how to create these amazing nylon tights flowers! They can not only be used as an interesting home decor or gift for a friend or mother’s day, but can make wonderful hair accessories.

Flower craft ideas projects-gift-idea-blue-flowers

For the projects you need lycra tights in lots of different colors. But it would be a surprise, if you have every color available in your wardrobe. Therefore, you can use a simple trick: you can dye an old pantyhose with food coloring. Food colors work on nylon, so you just need to pick yours!

1. Soak the nylon overnight in a bucket with lukewarm water. This will make it easier for the dye to penetrate the fibres.

2. Mix the dye bath by adding warm water to a large pan and mixing your chosen food coloring. For a vibrant color you will need more to add more drops. Make sure that you have a large enough pot for the amount of nylon being dyed.

3. Dunk the nylon tights in the dye bath and stir to maintain an even color.

4. Heat the dye bath on the stove on medium to trigger the dyeing process. However, don’t allow the dye to reach a rolling boil.

5. Add vinegar in to the dye bath – 1 tbsp for every 1 cup of water. This will help the color to set into the nylon.

6. Remove the pot from the stove and allow to sit until the dye bath cools to room temperature. Then take the nylon tights out of the pot and rinse under warm, running water.


Needed materials:

– colored nylon
– Aluminum or copper wire, jewelry wire
– thin wire such as floral wire
– markers
– brown beads and beading wire
– cotton and a piece of light green nylon
– floristic tape
– jewelry pliers and wire cutter


1. Using a wire cutter cut the copper wire into 4 pieces with the same length for the petals. Wrap each wire piece to a loop.
2. Give the loops a shape that is close to the contour of the petal of the natural poppy.
3. Make the petals by pulling the nylon on the loops and secure with floral wire.
4. Using a felt-tip pen, give the petals a more natural look.


5. From cotton wool and nylon, form a poppy head.
6. With a felt-tip pen, give the poppy head a more natural look by drawing a cross.
7. On the beaded wire string beads and make stamens. Tie the stamens to the poppy head.


8. Assemble the poppy, alternately tugging the petals to the middle of the flower.
9. Wind the stalk with floral tape.
10. You can make green leaves, as well. Wrap the stems with floristic tape and collect them in groups.

Flower craft ideas making-poppy-hair-accessory-nylon-tights-cute


This unusual flower, consists of many small inflorescences that form a ball. Excellent indoor flower, which easily fits into the interior of your room and will complement it with bright colors.

Needed materials:
– pink nylon
– green nylon
– white pearl flower stamens – 22 pcs for one hydrangea ball
– pink wire
– green wire
– green floral tape
– floral wire
– thread

If you do not have a pink and green nylon, you can dye the usual nude nylon tights in the right colors.

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1. Take the wire, give it a round shape with any suitable object like a pen or something else and twist the loop. Pull the nylon on the wire and secure it with thread. So you have one ready petal. You need 4 of these for one inflorescence, and for the finished hydrangea you need 22 inflorescences. It is easy to count: 4 x 22 = 88 petals.

2. Now take the flower wire, attach one stemen to it and secure with a thread.

3. Then, attach the petals around the stemen. Here we have a ready inflorescence.

4. And now we need to form a hydrangea in the shape of a ball out of the 22 inflorescences. The arrangement of the rows of the inflorescences is indicated in the lower left corner of the diagram above. The first row consists of one in the center, the second of six around it, the third of nine and the fourth of six.

5. The stem of each inflorescence is wrapped with floral tape. Start assembling according to the scheme.

6. Now take the green wire and green nylon. Wind the wire and make a wavy edge. Create a loop and secure.

7. Wrap the nylon on the wire leaf, secure it with a thread wrap with the floral wire. Attach it around the stem of the flower. Now hide everything unnecessary using floral tape, so that the stem is green and even.

If desired, you can make several hydrangeas and “plant” them in a pot. Enjoy your creative work!

Yellow Asters

There are many varieties of asters found in nature. Asters from nylon tights will perfectly replenish this list, as it looks really authentic.


– yellow nylon
– green nylon
– yellow and green wire
– floral wire
– thread
– flower tape
– jewelry pliers

This simple flower consists of oblong yellow petals. In total, you need to make 7 smaller petals (4 cm) and 18 larger (5 cm). Each petal is going to be curved and fastened around the disc.

To make the disc just as easy. Take a piece of a yellow nylon, fold it in half and put through the middle a wire bent in a hook. Then combine both ends and tie with a thread. Cut off the top part and give it a beautiful fluffy form.


Now start to form the petals. Around the middle fix three small petals, the second row consists of four small petals, the third of seven larger petals and the fourth of eleven larger petals.

The stalk is beautifully decorated with leaves, wrap the stem with a green floral tape. Put the flower in the vase and enjoy the beauty of your work.

Water lily


This beautiful plant can be very successfully repeated with the help of nylon and wire. In this technique of making flowers, nothing is complicated. Thanks to this master class you can already make flowers on your own.

– floral wire
– floral tape
– wire 0.3 – 0.4 mm
– light pink and green nylon
– yellow threads for the middle or fabric
– scissors
– cutting pliers
– an object with round shape
– a vase or a pot


You can start working from the middle, for this you need to take a thick yellow disc like in the Aster project mentioned above. Fold it several times, then take the flower wire, bend the hook from one side and put a bunch of yellow material on it, then tie the beam and cut the threads to give a fluffy shape.


Now proceed with the petals of the water lily. The largest flowers consists of three rows, two of which consist of six petals, and the central of five, each petal is 4 cm wide. The average water lily consists of two layers of 5 petals. The bud is the smallest and the petals have a narrower and oblong shape, 3 cm wide.

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After the petals you need to make green wide leaves. They are quite large, cut off about 18 cm of the wire, wind it on a large round object and shape it, tighten the nylon on the wire and secure with threads.

All the flowers are attached to the flower wire, after the stems are wrapped in green floral tape and are assembled into the composition.

Roses made of nylon tights

One of the most beautiful flowers is the rose. She has a magical beauty that attracts everybody. Quite quickly and simply using wire and nylon tights, you can imitate the look of this beautiful flower.

–  nylon tights in red, yellow and green
– stamens
– red wire
– green wire
– yellow wire
– thread
– floristic tape
– floral wire
– 1 mm wire for stand
– cone formed object for winding the wire stand
– jewelry pliers


1. Begin by manufacturing the leaves from green wire and nylon. To do this, cut a piece of wire using jewelry pliers, make a 4 cm wide loop and secure. Then give it a pointed shape as in the diagram above.

2. Pull green nylon over the wire leaf and tie it at the base with thread. Then secure the leaf on the floral wire and wrap floristic tape around the bas to hide all the excess.

3. Now make the blossom. To do this, the stemens are folded in half. Put through the middle a wire bent in a hook and secure with a thread.

4. Make 8 red and 8 yellow petals (for two roses). Around the stamens, arrange three petals, fasten and for the next tier use 5 petals. Secure with thread and then wrap the stem with floral tape.

5. Form a bundle of three green leaves, attach it to the flower stem. From a thicker wire, make a spiral shaped stand, also wrapped in a green floral tape.

Red rose without stamens and rose bud


1. This rose consists only from petals in the following order: 1 petal in the middle, 2 x   3 cm wide petals, 3 x 3.5 cm wide petals and 5 x 4 cm wide petals. It is also important to follow the classic form of the rose petals.

2. Take the flower wire, make a hook on one end and wind the central petal to it, wrapping it in a tube. Imitate the growth of the petals of the rose, attach all the petals one by one, wrapping them to the stem with thread or wire.


3. You also need to make a rosebud on the same principle, but the arrangement of the petals will be different. The bud consists of three petals. From green nylon and wire, make a sepal and insert a bud in it. The rose blossom must be placed in a sepal, as well.

4. Now make a few green leaves with a wavy or ribbed edge and attach them on the stem like in the previous projects. The leaves of the rose grow on twigs in three pieces, so you need to make 2 twigs and only 6 leaves. At the end, combine all the parts of the rose and wrap the stem with floral tape.



To make a gladiolus you need:

– red and green nylon tights
– bundles of stalks
– threads
– green floral ribbon
– floral wire
– red wire
– green wire
– scissors and pliers
– a pen or a marker for wire winding



First, make the stamens as shown on the image above. Secure them on a wire.

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You can shape the wire petals using tubes or toilet paper rolls. They should have the proper diameter. Gladiolus petals and leaves have elongated shape. The green leaves have the same width as the petals.



Then, arrange the petals around the stamens and secure with thread. You can make gladiolus buds, as well. Combine buds, smaller and larger blossoms for more realistic look.




Peach blossoms

To make a peach branch you need to take:

– light pink nylon
– pink or reddish napkin
– cotton wool for stuffing the buds
– Stamens
– Floral wire
– Floral ribbon of brown color
– pink wire 0.5 mm in diameter
– a pen for winding wire
– thread
– scissors
– cutting pliers


Calla flowers


The most beautiful flowers, so white and delicate, I think that many will want to make a calla from wire and nylon, especially because white nylon is very easy to find.

You need to take a nylon tights in yellow and white, a 0.5 mm wire, floral or just thick wire, thread, scissors and floral tape for winding the stem.


First, make a large loop from the wire, shape the leaf (oval with a pointed top) and wrap it in white nylon. Then, make the calla stamen from yellow nylon giving it an elongated shape that is characteristic for the callas. After that, wrap the stamen in the ready petal and the calla ready. Secure with threads. Attach the calla blossom to the stem and wrap around the green floral tape. Decorate the bouquet of callas with green leaves.

Daffodils and Phalaenopsis Orhid


Needed materials for the daffodil:

– white nylon
– pink and yellow nylon
– green nylon
– floral wire
– 0.4 mm wire
– Stamens
– Thread
– floristic tape
– a pot
– floral foam
– moss
– paper



We begin to make the middle of the daffodil. To do this, you need to take a yellow nylon. Cut the desired length of the wire (see the diagram above). Take the floral wire, make a hook on one end and fasten the stamens on it, thread it. After you have assembled the flower, secure the petals one by one to a stem.

One of the most beautiful flowers is the orchid! Using nylon and wire you can realize all the wildest dreams, turning your house into a blooming orchid garden! For this orchid you need to make the typical lip of the orchid. Make a petal and twist it in the center, as in the figure above. Add the white petals. Next, on a wire 18 cm, stretch the green nylon to shape the leaves. Secure them on the stem, wrap it all with a floral green tape and the orchid flower is ready!

 Dendrobium Orchid and Dragonflies


No less beautiful and interesting orchid from nylon tights. The decor is supplemented with small dragonflies. A great way to complement your interior with beautiful handmade products.


–  yellow and green nylon
–  red nylon tights
– wire
– white pearl stamen
– thicker wire for the stem
– floristic green tape
– yellow and red thread


First you need to make a dragonfly. One dragonfly consists of four elongated wings of different sizes – two smaller and two larger. Eyes should be made from stamens and the body from braided thread. All this is attached to the flower wire. Next, start making an orchid.

The diagram shows how many petals to make, the length of the wire and diameter of the petals. Use the same techniques and you will be soon a professional! These flower craft ideas are easy and look gorgeous! Have fun!