DIY window treatment ideas – Decorative film instead of curtains


Traditional curtains or blinds seem too boring for your home? If you are looking for DIY window treatment ideas that suit your style and will improve the look of the room, then you are at the right place. Find out how to use a decorative film for windows to create a fantastic city themed decor without sacrificing your privacy. This project is perfect for small rooms, because it has a double function and lets light coming through. You can continue the decor theme by hiding the radiator located under the window behind a curtain decorated in the same style. You will need only 1 hour to complete this cheap project. Let’s find out how.

DIY window treatment ideas – how to make frosted window film decoration

diy window treatment ideas adhesive window film cut city buildings home design

For decorating windows and hiding the radiator, you will need:
– frosted window film or clear contact paper (here you can see Kims tutorial)
– Utility knife
– Waterproof marker
– Hot glue gun
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Scissors
– old white bed sheet
– Velcro tape

1. Measure the opening you wish to cover and cut the window film to size. Leave a 1 inch border outside the measured size on the right and bottom side facing the window frames. It will ensure proper fitting on the window. Using a marker draw the outline on the back of the self-adhesive film and cut along the contour. Online you can find some free city skyline stencils, if you are not so talented at drawing. Using stationery knife cut squares for windows to add more interest.

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diy window treatment ideas clean window surface frosted window decoration

2. Spray the window with glass cleaner and clean the surface thoroughly. You can either moisten the white grid paper backing so that it will be easier to remove it afterwards or to leave the surface wet. This will allow you to adjust the window film and smoothing before it dries completely.

diy window treatment ideas decorative film for windows sun reflective glass decor idea

3. Position the decorative film on the window by pressing the sticky side to the glass and removing gently the protective layer. After the film has been applied, smooth it into place. Using your palms work the film edges out. Place a metal ruler against the corner of the window and cut the excess using the stationary knife.

diy window treatment ideas frosted window film city buildings drawing handmade interior glass design

4. Cut the white cloth for the radiator in the desired size and draw buildings with windows using a waterproof marker.

adhesive tape for windows diy window treatment ideas handmade curtains home decoration

5. Using a hot glue gun attach one of the Velcro strips to the fabric. The other one glue under the window sill.

handmade frosted design idea handmade decorative curtains diy window treatment ideas

frosted window design handmade decorative curtains diy window treatment ideas