DIY wall storage ideas – 3 easy and creative organizing projects


Good organization is essential for every home nowadays. We are living in small flats but having little storage space for our belongings. Sometimes the easiest way is to toss all your stuff in a closet but there are better solutions that also look very nice. We are offering you three unique DIY wall storage ideas to organize your items. Let’s see them!

DIY wall storage ideas – Old type case makeover

wall storage ideas diy handmade simle design shelves

Give a fresh look to an old type case and hang him as a solo artist on the wall. How is it done? What you need!
– old type case for example from the flea market
– acrylic primer undercoat white
– acrylic paint light blue
– sandpaper
– a brush
– old newspapers
– scissors
– double-sided tape
– leftover wallpaper or scrap paper

diy wall storage ideas  tutorial for living room step by step

How it’s done!
Step 1:
Before you start painting sand the wood with a 120 grit sandpaper.
Step 2:
Paint the old type case with white primer. You don’t have to paint the back walls because we are going to glue the papers there later. Allow to dry.

unique decor furniture racks diy wall storage ideas

Step 3:
Paint the type case with light blue acrylic paint or your favorite color.
Step 4:
Measure the small compartments of the letter case. Then draw on the sizes on the back of the pieces of wallpaper or scrap paper and cut them out.

kids room diy wall storage ideas furnishing decoration

Step 5:
Glue the wallpaper pieces on the back of the cases with double-sided tape by picking different hights for a change.

 unique handmade type case projects diy wall storage ideas

Step 6:
Now begins the most amusing part of the work: Fill the beautiful piece with your favorite treasures, souvenirs and curios things!

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DIY wall storage ideas – simple and useful shelves

original hutch projects diy wall storage ideas sewing accessories

wall storage diy handmade furniture racks ideas

A shelf made of old and new wooden boxes can look really great. The shelf cabinet and the drawers were placed side by side and one above the other on the wall. Motifs in papercut style ensure good organization and help you discover easy even the small things.

What you need!
– old wine box, flower box or other wooden boxes
– mini chest of drawers like “Moppe” und “Forhöja” from IKEA
– a tin can
– furniture knob in green
– furniture knob with numbers
– wood glue
– brushes
– color spray in pink
– craft paint in black, white and pink
– stippler brush
– a pencil
– cardboard
– small scissors
– glue or double sided tape
– clamp tool
– cordless drill
– wood drill bit size 5
– metal drill bit size 5
– M5 screw with nut and bolts, combination wrench, Allen key socket set
– hacksaw
– screws and plugs for wall mounting

diy spray painting wall storage ideas for home step by step

How it’s done!
Step 1:
Lay old newspapers on the place where you will be working and spray the tin can with the color spray. Rotate the can carefully so that the paint can be applied evenly. It’s recommended to wear protective gloves and to be somewhere out.
Step 2:
Apply primer on the walls of some of the boxes. Then apply the pink craft paint. Use a small paint brush for the edges.

homemade knick knackery shelving ideas holders tutorial

Step 3:
So that you do not drill too many holes in the wall, you can glue the smaller boxes to the large ones. Brush the front side of the small box with wood glue and press them together by using a clamp. Let dry.
Step 4:
Making the templates:
Use a pencil to draw the desired motif on cardboard and cut out with the small scissors. Then fix the template with double sided tape on the drawer front and dab the black craft paint with the stippler. The brush in this case is dipped with just a little color. Important: Any area that is not covered by the stencil will be black afterwards.

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shelving units room decorations diy wall storage ideas

Step 5:
Drill a hole in the top third of the can with the cordless drill and metal drill bit Then, with the wood bit drill holes for the knobs (they serve here as a hook) in some drawers. Then attach the can with the screw, nut and washer. Since the furniture knobs usually have very long thread, they should be sewn off with a hacksaw. For this stick the knobs from the inside through the drilled hole in the drawer. That way you can see how much you have to saw off. Then turn the furniture knob around, insert on the right side and secure with a nut.
Step 6:
Now arrange the boxes on the wall and screw. Small boxes can also be easily installed above. You can take them down when you need them.

creative original furniture shelves diy wall storage ideas

The homemade shelf from old boxes and tin cans is a real eye-catcher. Delicate pastel tones and individual stencils make the wall shelf unique. If you need more space, you can extend the shelf!

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DIY wall storage ideas – make photo wall for displays

creative homemade racks cheap diy wall storage ideas easy tutorial

This photo wall can perfectly display not only your favorite pictures but also books, souvenirs and other treasures.

What you need!
– MDF panel 160 x 120 cm, 16 mm thick (a thinner one would sag, a thicker would be too heavy)
– 3 picture ledges like Ribba from Ikea (each bar has a capacity of around 5 kg and is 7.2 cm deep)
– sandpaper
– primer and acrylic paint in your favorite color
– brush, paint roller, stippling brush, paint tray
– cardboard for templates
– screws

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wall storage ideas diy books holder step by step tutorial

How it’s done !

Step 1:
Apply the primer on the MDF board. Once dry, paint the board with acrylic paint in the desired color.
Step 2:
Sand a bit the picture frames so that the paint holds better.

diy storage ideas living room creative handmade racks

Step 3:
Paint the picture ledges in the desired color.
Step 4:
Lay a template on the MDF board and dab the color with a stippling brush. You can buy it or make your own. For example, outline words, symbols or pictures from magazines on cardboard and cut out.

diy cheap woodwalk storage ideas wall decoration units

Step 5:
Screw the picture frames on the painted MDF.
Step 6:
Once it’s finished, arrange your favorite pieces on the shelves.

photo wall diy wall storage ideas creative mount shelf