DIY wall art projects using newspaper – Kitchen and bedroom wall decor

If you’ve already learned how to make cornets from newspapers, you may try to make this creative diy wall art project and use it for decoration in your kitchen or bedroom. Paper cornets must be painted with colors similar to these in the room you will decorate.

DIY wall art project using newspapers

We need old newspapers, glue, paint, a knife or scissors and varnish. The newspapers as usual have to be cut into strips to make the cornets.

newspaper cornet decor idea DIY wall art project

You can paint the cornets with acrylic paint, a different type of paint or food dye.

paint cornet diy wall decor

Cornets can be painted before or after that. Roll up the cornets, as shown in the picture, and smear with plenty of white glue.

wall decor recycled paper
In the process of rolling add cornets with different colors making them clump together.

newspaper art cornet

Sew the paper rings together with strong thread. To obtain a large enough piece you must connect about 10 different large paper circles.

diy kitchen paper decoration easy DIY wall art project

DIY wall art project newspaper rolls purple white


DIY wall art project – Kitchen wall decoration

Now i will show how to make an interesting wall art for kitchen decoration.

paper art glue cornet panelrolling paper diy wall project

paper decoupage idea

After completing the ring use a hammer to align the surface.

wall decor craft paperpaint cornet art project panel

newspaper decoupage painted rings

Paint edges in a dark color.

diy wall decor paper circle

For this purpose we need a napkin with cheerful pattern. If you don’t have a napkin, it can be replaced with a printed picture. Choose a napkin that we will use for decoupage.

napkin art decor cornet idea

Glue the napkin on the newspaper rings.

recycled paper napkin craft project

Cover with varnish. That is all!

newspaper art napkin panel decoration

diy wall art newspaper project