Easy DIY storage ideas for your garden tools and kitchen utensils


All your hand gardening tools and seeds for your work in the garden are not organized and you can’t find anything that you need. Then take a look on our super easy DIY storage ideas and organize your garden tools in a wicker basket with pockets and kitchen utensils on a cork board.

DIY storage ideas for your hand garden tools

diy storage ideas hand garden tools organizer wicker basket


If you’re going to start in gardening, make sure you have the necessary tools: pruners, small shovels, hand rakes and gloves. And with this garden tool organizer you’ll habe everything at hand.

DIY storage ideas – Materials

diy storage ideas garden tools wicker basket materials

 For the first DIY project you’ll need a wicker basket, a piece of fabric, Grosgrain ribbon 4 cm wide, fabric cord, sewing machine, buttons, scissors, thread, pencil, ruler and meter.

STEP 1: Cut the fabric and line the basket

diy garden tools storage idea fabric sewing machine


Measure the diameter of the basket and cut two strips of cloth, a wider and a narrower to make the pockets. Match the two pieces inside out and make vertical seams with thick thread to delimit pocket compartments.

STEP 2: Sew the grosgrain ribbon and the buttons

diy storage ideas garden tools organizer cloth buttons grosgrain ribbons

 The ribbon is attached to the top edge of the fabric. Sew a few buttons but make the stiches not too tense so that you can attach the cord loops.

STEP 3: Attach the fabric cord.

diy storage gardening tools hand wicker basket pocket


Attach the fabric to the basket with a thick piece of string. Pass it between the gaps of the rattan basket make knots and attach the loops over the buttons.The cord also ends in a knot.

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diy storage ideas kitchen utensils empty shampoo bottles cork board


This idea for kitchen utensils organizer is very easy and practical. Just coat a cork board with laminated fabric and attach containers of empty plastic shampoo bottles that organize your kitchen utensils and towels.The laminated fabric is very easy to clean with soap and water.

diy storage ideas kitchen cork board laminate fabric materials


Materials: laminated fabric, cork board, glue spray, upholstery stapler, screws, washers and sockets, hooks, drawer knobs, Bosch screwdriver, empty plastic bottles from shampoos, body lotion etc.

STEP 1: Measuring and cutting the fabric

diy storage ideas kitchen utensils laminated fabric spray glue cork board


Stretch out the laminated fabric inside out on a flat surface and place the board atop. Cut the fabric leaving a margin of about 15 cm around the perimeter. Spray the glue on the board and stick the fabric by pressing.

STEP 2: Secure the corners of the cloth

diy kitchen storage ideas laminated fabric cork board


Fold the corners carefully. If necessary, cut the spare fabric. Once you’ve made the cloth and there are no air pockets secure it with upholsterer stapler behind the corners.

STEP 3: Cut the plastic shampoo bottles and attach them to the board

diy storage kitchen ideas utensils empty shampoo bottles


Cut the empty containers up to desired hight and sand the rough edges . Make a hole in the container and secure it well with a washer and a screw to the cork board.

STEP 4: Place the hooks and the drawer knobs

diy storage kitchen utensils organizer cork board hooks


Place funny drawers knobs for hanging dish towels or cloths. Flip the board and place two hooks at each end for wall mounting.

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Bathroom organizing ideas – Towel storage made of decoupaged tin cans

diy kitchen utensils storage wall mdf board tin cans decorative look

And this is another version that also looks very pretty and decorative.

diy kitchen utensils storage wall mdf materials needed

You’ll need:

– 1 MDF board 80 x 100 cm , 14 mm thick
– 1 MDF board 20 × 8 cm, 16 mm thick
– Picture hooks to hang the small plank
– Various screws for mounting the tin cans, hooks and baskets
– 4 perforated disc holes for the baskets
– 4 long screws and anchors for wall mounting
– wallpaper glue
– wallpaper
– White paint and a brush to paint the shelf
– Tin cans
– wire baskets
– drill
– Punch hole pliers to puncture the tin cans
– Newspaper

diy kitchen utensils storage wall decor mdf wallpaper glue

diy kitchen storage utensils tin cans wallpaper mdf board plants

diy kitchen storage idea wall mounted tin cans wallpaper mdf board plants