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DIY pallet sofa tutorial – Project with a clever storage idea

DIY pallet furniture broke all records in terms popularity and projects that you can do by yourself. They are original, practical and comfortable. A great example is this small sofa with drawers where you can keep cats toys, books and so on. Have a look at this easy DIY pallet sofa tutorial and see for yourself!

What do you need for this DIY pallet sofa tutorial

DIY pallet sofa -tutorial-supplies-tools

You need: 3 wooden pallets (clean and dry) with dimensions 120 x 80 cm, 3 disassembled wooden pallets (you can ask for pallets in warehouses), 4 furniture casters with brakes, 2 furniture handles, plywood with a thickness of 6 mm, 2 binders, screws of different lengths, wood finish and sealer (or exterior finish recommended for outdoor use, if you will use this pallet sofa on the balcony, patio or a garden), paintbrush, а jigsaw, а drill, 4 sofa cushions, a screwdriver, grinder, goggles, sandpaper.

DIY pallet sofa tutorial


Clean the wooden pallets, remove any protruding nails, sand with the sandpaper and impregnate wood with the special wood finish. Mount the casters to one of the pallets. This will be the basis of the DIY pallet sofa.


Now make the backrest. Cut the second pallet to form a rectangle with dimensions of 47 x 91 cm.

DIY pallet sofa -tutorial-wooden-pallet-two-cut

The third pallet should be cut in two pieces measuring about 47 x 80 cm. These will be the sides of the pallet sofa.


To the sofa there are gaps in each pallet but you will fill them with pallet strips between the boards? Cut them from broken pallets.


On the pallet base with casters mount the two parts with long screws.


In the same way, attach the sides to the base (three screws for each side).

DIY pallet sofa tutorial-three-wooden-euro-pallets

Mount the wooden slats (from the broken pallets) with screws in the sides and back to fill the gaps. Then finish the arm and backrests, screwing the boards horizontally.

DIY pallet sofa tutorial-wooden-drawer-storage

With remnants of broken wooden pallets and plywood make 2 drawers with dimensions of 38 x 35 cm and height 10 cm. Paint the drawers and binders and insert them into the sides of the pallet sofa. Fix in place the drawer handles.

DIY pallet sofa -tutorial-ready-couch-seat-cushions

Everything is ready. Lay on the seat cushions and relax.