DIY ladder shelf ideas – Easy ways to reuse an old ladder at home

You need an original bookshelf or maybe a flower stand? Then have a look at these creative DIY ladder shelf ideas. Simple solutions are often surprisingly interesting. An old wooden ladder will add character to any interior. It can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or on the balcony. And it’s suitable to any interior style – industrial, rustic, scandinavian and vintage.

DIY ladder shelf ideas – Wall bookshelf

diy wall shelf reusing old ladder ideas bookshelf

You can use the ladder shelf as a bookshelf, storage for CDs, photos and other small items. Just paint it in any bright color you like and attach boards between the ladder rungs. It depends on the the interior style, where you want to place shelf.

kitchen storage idea suspended ladder pans

The ladder can be also successfully used in the kitchen as a shelf for dishes, cloths, vases. An unusual idea is a ladder, suspended from the ceiling, which acts as a hanger for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.

diy ladder shelf kitchen suspended ceiling storage small kitchen

In a similar way, we can use a ladder in the bathroom, or even in your child’s room. The leaned ladder shelf could be great towel rack or shelf for toiletries. In the kids room it is a shelf for toys, books and other trinkets.

standing wooden ladder shelf bathroom storage ideas towel rack

The ladder is also an ideal solution for the balcony or in the garden. You can use it as an unique flower stand. A wooden ladder will be a great backdrop for colorful flowers, green plants and garden accessories.

DIY ladder shelf ideas – Flower stand on the balcony

diy ladder shelf balcony flower stand bright yellow

Properly used, an old ladder can be very functional element in the interior, on the balcony, terrace or in the garden. And the effect, that you’ll create, worths the attention. The simplicity of these DIY ladder shelf ideas is and excellent issue, at least for me.

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shelving unit old ladders bookcase arrangement

diy shoe rack leaning ladder wall outdoor

diy shelf ideas home rustic wooden ladder

diy ladder shelf upside down living room green

diy ladder shelf living room home decor photo frames

diy ladder shelf leaning living room wall bookshelf

diy ladder shelf ideas living room glass panel

diy ladder shelf ideas kitchen storage tableware

diy ladder bookshelf ideas composition upside down

diy bathroom towel rack old wooden ladder idea

diy ladder shelf painted green kitchen storage

diy ladder shelf kids room bookshelf green

diy ladder shelf ideas home garden terrace

diy ladder shelf ideas cristmas decorations ribbons presents

reuse standing ladder shelf ideas home shoe rack flower stand

home office decor shelf storage old ladder