DIY kids room decoration projects- Cute rainy clouds or sun umbrellas


We all dream that our children’s lives were full of joy and happiness, regardless of the weather outside. You can turn your child’s room into an oasis of “always good weather” with these wonderful DIY kids room decoration projects. In “its world” there always be a good mood.

DIY kids room decoration projects – Pink Beach umbrella for girls room

 diy kids room decoration projects pink sun umbrella silk fringe garlands


These cute sun umbrellas could be set in the garden or on the balcony to protect you from the summer heat. But in the kids room this will be an unusual colorful accent, that adds comfort and irresistible charm.

diy girls room decoration pink beach umbrella materials


You will need: one beach umbrella in bright color, fabric with a pattern to mach the umbrella , silk fringe (measure the circumference of the umbrella to calculate the amount. Here it is about 3 meters), paper garlands, scissors, thread, needles.

 diy kids room decoration projects sun umbrella pink fabric

diy kids room beach umbrella decoration silk fringe sewing


kids room decoration beach umbrella sewing flowers


diy kids room decoration attach umbrella side table cable ties

How to do it:
• sew the silk fringe around the perimeter of the umbrella, on the outer site.
• Cut the fabric into strips, fold in half, sew the long side from the inside out
• make small flowers of the same fabric and sew them on top of the umbrella, fixing them above the fringe with a needle.
• Attach the umbrella to a bedside table, nightstand or headboard with cable ties and wind strips from the remaining fabric aroung the umbrella base, so that the child could not move them.
• Attach garlands on the front site of the umbrella.
It  ist possible to create such an accessory in a nautical theme by decorating with shells and sea pebbles. Especially good colors for this beach umbrella are blue and yellow. Instead of paper garlands, you can use also holiday lights.

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DIY kids room decoration projects – Flexible “rainy cloud” for a child’s room

 diy boys room decoration project felt rainy clowd


Kids love rainbows but it turns out, that the rain can also be colored with uplifting bright colors. This cute cloud is a great alternative to the grey storm clouds.

diy kids room decoration project cloud rainbow raindrops materials


You will need: white and colored felt, fishing line, thick paper for the base, hook or loop for hanging on a wall, scissors, pencil, fabric glue, awl or corkscrew bottle opener.

diy  kids room project felt cloud paper template


diy decoration project children room white felt cloud form


diy kids room decor project raindrops colourful felt


How to do it:
• Draw on the paper a template in a cloud form and cut along the contour.
• Attach the template to the white felt and cut out two identical clouds.
• Make 18-20 felt drops with diffrent colours or two of each colour.
• Cut the fishing line into strips of various lengths, make holes in the felt drops with an awl or corkscrew. Thread the cord through the felt and secure with knots. We made 5 cords with drops at different levels and colors.
• glue the fishing lines with drops to the back side of the cloud and attach a look for a wall hanger.

diy baby nursery decor rainy cloud raindrops colourful