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DIY jewelry organizer – 3 ideas for hanging and display your jewelry

If you throw all of your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings into one small jewelry box, then you’ve experienced the mornings when you are in a hurry, but you are desperately trying to untangle your favourite necklace that goes best with exactly that outfit. It’s frustrating and sometimes you might also damage the jewelry in the process. When earrings lie in a pile, you can also easily lose one of them and can’t seem to find a matching pair. Considering all these problems, we’re offering you 3 DIY jewelry organizer and storage ideas made of materials found at home or at a local craft store. Forget the traditional jewelry box and think vertical.

DIY jewelry organizer made of clothes hanger

diy jewelry organizer hanging necklaces clothes hanger floral stencil


The first ideas is a clothes hanger, forgotten at the bottom of the wardrobe and turned into a  practical jewelry holder. Attach some hooks or eye bolts and decorate the clothes hanger with a beautiful floral stencil. This is very practical solution especially when the horizontal space is scarce.

diy jewelry storage ideas clothes hanger


diy jewelry organizer ideas hanging wall clothes hanger flower stencil


It may sound crazy, but the night lamp is great for storing earrings! Besides the bold design organizes and displays perfectly your jewelry.

DIY jewelry organizer for your earrings

diy jewelry storage organizer ideas night lampshade earrings


diy jewelry organizer hanging earrings night lamp


Using recycled materials in the home decoration is no longer just ecological but also a budget-friendly solution. In this case, instead of buying a cork board you can use some corks and an old tray to create this beautiful jewelry holder.

diy jewelry organizer ideas hanging necklaces wall corks


diy jewelry organizer wall ideas hanging cork wall tray