DIY ideas to decorate old garden furniture – Colourful garden chairs

How about giving a new face to the old garden chairs using various craft techniques? If you decorate old garden furniture with the decoupage technique, you’ll give your personal touch to them, because you can choose the patterns you like. We are offering you 3 inexpensive and creative diy garden projects. Check them out!

Decorate old garden furniture with napkins

reuse chairs garden furniture decorating ideas decoupage napkins stickers


Just look at that beauty! These plain old kitchen chairs can be decorated with napkins in an hour. You will need white paint to paint the chairs and beautiful napkins for decoupage.And the small striped seat cushion enhance the rose elements on the backrest of the chair.

Decorate old garden furniture  – Step by step instructions

decorate old garden chair tulips diy project

For that you need a napkin or stickers with tulips pattern, glue, acrylic paint and brushes.The instructions are made on a wooden plank but think of it as a chair. You need to paint the whole chair wth white acrylic paint.. Brush with sandpaper to create these effects. In some places, paint with a thin layer of brown acrylic paint wipe with dry brush. This way your flowers will stand out. Glue the tulips on the chair and wipe with cloth.

decorate old garden furniture kitchen chair decoupage tulips tutorial

For painting on the chair you will need acrylic paint and brushes of different shapes and sizes.
The second garden chair project is a bit more complicated but it’s worth it.

paint garden chair green flowers calla diy decoupage


paint plain garden chair acrylic paint colours brushes

old garden chair decoration acrylic paint flowers decoupage technique


diy garden project decorate old chair napkins red roses

decorate old garden furniture chair napkins materials


decorate old garden furniture chair red roses napkin decoupage diy


decorate old garden furniture chair sunflowers napkin decoupage


decorate old garden chair blue decoupage fabric flowers