5 DIY headboard ideas – Easy tutorials and designs for your bed

Headboards are usually the focal point in a bedroom and can visually tie the room together. Therefore, create your own headboard and personalize your bedroom! Here are 5 different DIY headboard ideas, that will help you dress up your bedroom without spending a lot of money. With a bit of creativity and craftiness you can complete any of these in a weekend. Have a look!

DIY headboard ideas – Upholstered square pillows

square form fabric pillows diy headboard ideas

These sky shades are perfect for bedroom because of their soft, soothing appeal.


– 160 cm x 140 cm fabric in three different colors
– 2.50 m batting
– Particleboard or plywood, thickness 15 mm: 3 pieces 80 x 60 cm (or 18 pieces 25 x 25)
– A chipboard with thickness 10 mm – 120 x 60 cm
– Polyether foam, 50mm thickness: 3 pieces 80 x 60 cm (or 18 pieces 25 x 25 cm)
– 2 wood slats, thickness 22 mm: 100 x 45 cm
– Wood screws (diameter 3.5 – 20 mm and diameter 4 – 40 mm)
– Contact Adhesive
– Scissors
– Cutter
– Brushes
– Stapler
– Electric Drill
– Screwdriver

handmade square foam plywood bedroom design
Step 1: Prepare the plywood squares
Draw 18 squares 25 x 25 cm on the plywood board and cut them out with a jigsaw. To cut the polyether foam to size use an electric knife or a special carpet cutter. Apply a thin layer of contact glue on the plywood board and glue the foam. Assemble the other 17 squares and let dry.

Step 2: Wrap the squares in batting
Cut from the batting 18 squares of 45 x 45 cm. Position each assembled square (wood side facing you) in the center of the batting piece, fold the corners and secure in place with staples. Repeat for each square.

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upholstered headboard foam pillows using tacker tool and fabric

Step 3: Wrap the squares in fabric
Cut 6 fabric squares 50×50 cm from each color or 18 in all. Position each block in the center of the fabric square. Fold the fabric and staple it to the chipboard.

diy headboard ideas upholstered headboard

Step 4: Assemble the blocks
Put in front of you all your upholstered squares and play with the arrangement of colors to suit your taste. Once satisfied with the result, turn each block upside down and close together as possible.

Step 5: Attach all
Center the large plywood board on your composition. Secure it firmly on the back of the blocks with 20 mm screws (two screws per square), making sure to maintain the structure so that it does not move. Finally attach the wood slates to the plywood with 40 mm screws. Mount the headboard behind the bed frame.

DIY headboard ideas – Silk pillows and ornamental moldings

diy headboard ideas bedroom designs with moldings and silk pillows

If you want to fill your bedroom with romantic mood, this headboard idea is perfect for you.

You need:
– 2 decorative silk pillows
– ornamental moldings
– 2 pink sew on rhinestones
– strong thread
– long needle
– 2 this silver ribbons
– flat brush
– white paint

romantic silk pillows instead of headboard

1. Sew the rhinestone in the middle of the pillow using a needle and thread.

headboard diy bed ideas sewing buttons to the pillow

2. Make a loop using the silver ribbon and sew it on the back side of the pillow. If the loop is too large, the pillow won’t hang close to the wall. Make marks on the wall and screw the screws.

diy headboard ideas plaster ornaments dyeing with white paint

3. Paint the ornamental moldings. Do not push the brush, but hold it on the surface and move it rather casually to give it aged appearance.

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Stenciled DIY bed headboard in royal style

retro royal style elements bedroom decoration diy headboard ideas

Create a trompe-l’oeil effect on your walls by painting your headboard. A clever way make a statement especially in a small bedroom where every centimeter counts.

Use a stencil to create a headboard that looks like a traditional metal or royal bed frame. Draw the headboard template on a large sheet of paper according to your bed size. Cut out and attach it to the white wall using tape. Apply two layers of lilac paint on the wall using a small roller brush. When it’s dry, dip a sponge in a darker tone and dab over the stencil and to the wall creating a fade effect. Make the purple tone louder, just around the stencil. Wait to dry and remove the stencil from the wall.


handmade headboard ideas royal style decor template


bed decoration template retro style motive diy


headboard ideas diy poetic framework template


Minimalist DIY headboard idea in retro style

handmade bedroom interior wooden bed decor idea

In a minimalist bedroom interior, the raw wood and retro elements come to the fore. This headboard is really functional because of the mounted shelves.

– 3 or 4 raw wood planks
– 3 wooden slates
– Nails and screws
– A matching wooden slate for the top rim
– Whitewash
– 4 small wooden shelves

Assemble the headboard by nailing together the 3 wooden planks nailed together and the 3 slats on the back, one on each side and one in the middle. Finish with a trim at the top of the headboard. Apply the whitewash paint to maintain the antique look. Mount two shelves on each side of the bed to serve as  night stands. Your headboard is ready!

Asian-inspired headboard with bamboo sticks

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bamboo sticks african style bedroom idea 5 diy headboard ideas

This headboard gives good support to your back and protects the wall from getting dirty. A really fashionable and attractive look for an Asian-inspired bedroom interior where wood and bamboo play a significant role.

bamboo sticks bedroom design idea needed materials


– bamboo sticks with a diameter of 3.5 cm – 10 pieces of 90 cm
– 1.8 cm thick plywood – a piece of 130 x 17 cm and 2 pieces of 60 x 10 cm
– wood stain and wood varnish
– confirmat screws
– 2 steel angles
– twine string

diy headboard ideas tutorial shaping material with electric cutter
Cut the larger plywood plank diagonally into two parts, so that each is on the one end 12 cm, on the other – 5 cm wide. On the uneven side cut with an electric jigsaw semicircles (10 cm distance between them) in which we will put the bamboo sticks.

diy bedroom ideas drilling holes step by step tutorial

Drill holes close above the gaps (search the middle).

diy headboard ideas wooden base elements assembling

Install the smaller pieces of plywood at 5 cm on the side and 30 cm from the end of the plank using the confirmat screws. That will strengthen the headboard structure.

 how to make wooden headboard base paint and varnish
Paint and varnish the structure.

bamboo sticks attachment to the wooden base diy headboard ideas
Lay the bamboo sticks in the gaps and secure them with a string by threading it through the hole.