DIY garden stool with upholstered seat made from a tin paint can

Ever wondered how many tin paint cans are thrown away? You can make them useful and create a beautiful and unusual outdoor furniture in no time! Learn the simple steps how to turn this tin can in a beautiful DIY garden stool with upholstered seat.

Materials for DIY garden stool

diy garden stool materials gallon paint tin can

• 1 Gallon empty tin paint can
• Hot glue
• 50 cm white twill
• 50 cm of fabric in lime green and lilac
• 1 m double-sided interfacing
• White sewing thread
• White Ribbon
• Iron
• Polyfill
• Sewing Machine
• Needle
• Scissors
• Pencil
• 50 cm acrylic blanket
• Flower petal stencil

DIY garden stool – Step by step

diy garden stool fabric iron double sided interfacing

Cut a rectangle of fabric 50×92 cm lime green and one 50×90 cm double-sided interfacing. With the iron, apply the interfacing on the fabric, leaving a 2 cm allowance.

diy garden stool green fabric hot glue gun

Peel the back off the interfacing and attach it to the tin paint can. With scissors, cut the excess from the sides of the border. With hot glue, glue the fabric on the sides of the tin.

diy upcycling idea garden stool gallon paint can fabric coating

Cut 16 rectangles of 20×28 cm twill of the same size. Join two rectangles twill, right side with right and overlap the acrylic fabric. Draw a flower petal and sew, leaving an opening. Cut out the excesses, untap the piece and finish the seam, forming flower petals.


diy stool flower petals stencils white twill

To make the center of the flower, cut a circle of 50 cm diameter lilac fabric. Thread the needle and pull the sides to form a drawstring pouch. Fill with polyfill and tailpiece to form the core.

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diy garden stool flower core drawstring bag


With hot glue, glue four petals on the edges of the tin can. Glue the rest of the petals and finish pasting the core. Glue the ribbon along the base of the paint can. And our DIY garden stool, looking like a big flower, is ready!

diy garden stool flower petals lilac core polyfill


diy garden furniture idea tin paint can ribbon base

diy garden stool tin paint can gallon cute flower

 + another idea for reusing an old paint can

upcycling idea pet bed old tin paint can