3 easy DIY garden projects – A shade cloth, a stool and a garden chair

We are offering you 3 amazing DIY garden projects to make this summer. A colourful shade cloth for the backyard that will offer you sun protection and privacy. To turn an old tire in a beautiful garden stool. And a garden chair that was once a plastic fruit crate. We love to upcycle! So here are the step-by-step instructions.

DIY garden projects – A garden armchair made of plastic fruit crate

diy garden furniture fruit plastic crate cushion


What yesterday was a plastic fruit crate, today has become a fun garden chair. Put it in the shade of a tree, throw some pillows and enjoy a good read!

diy garden furniture project materials garden armchair
You’ll need: a plastic fruit container, jigsaw, screwdriver, sandpaper, screws and washers.

STEP 1: Wash the plastic crate thoroughly with soap and water

diy garden projects furniture jigsaw plastic crate

Rub well with a rag to remove dust and possible bugs. Let it dry in the sun upside down. Grab the jigsaw and start cutting one of the fronts.

STEP 2: Cut one of the sides

diy garden furniture armchair plastic crate jigsaw sides

Cut carefully because the support is really bad. Ask someone to help you hold it while using the jigsaw. When you cut on the one side repeat the operation with the other.

STEP 3: Place it in the garden

diy garden projects plastic crate reading place wood


Smooth the edges with sandpaper to prevent injury in the future. When finished, clean the seat with a damp cloth to remove dust. Then secure it with four screws and washers to the deck or wooden stump if you have in the garden.

DIY garden projects – A pleasant shade in the garden

diy garden projects sewing triangle shade cloth tutorial

Choose a pretty fabric yourself for a practical sun sail to enjoy your outdoor summer naps.

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diy summer projects sewing shade cloth


You need: a rectangle piece of cloth – 2.55 m long and 1.50 m wide,  cotton tape (10 m / 3 cm wide), a sewing machine, rope, eyelets, washers and punch.

STEP 1: Draw the templates

handmade garden projects drop shade cloth fabric measures

Draw on a brown paper a small rectangle with the measures you need. Cut the paper diagonally to get two triangles. Now, do the same with the fabric at actual size. Match the two pieces on the longest side (2.55 m) to form a triangle.

STEP 2: Sew the fabric pieces

diy garden sewing project shade cloth instructions
To make a triangle cloth this base-center seam is where you have to stitch a double hem. Sew the cotton tape along the edges.

STEP 3: Place eyelets on each corner

diy garden projects sun shade cloth eyelets washers punch
Using a punch, put the eyelets in each corner of the cloth. You have to hit hard with a hammer on the punch, because only then the washers and the eyelets will fit well together.

STEP 4: Cut the excess fabric

diy garden projects sewing shade cloth cut excess fabric eyelets


Cut with scissors the excess fabric that lies within the washers. Pass a string through the eyelets and tie with a double knot. Do not hang the shade cloth too tight. When it moves and it will give you coolling breeze.

DIY garden projects – A garden stool made from old tire

diy garden projects stool car tire cushion
If you replace your car tires, do not throw away the old one. Give them a second chance and turn them into original garden stools or side tables.

diy furniture projects garden stool tire materials
You’ll need: an old tire, a wooden board, a jigsaw, acrylic paint and white gloves, sandpaper and a brush, pencil, a tape measure and a rope.

STEP 1: Measure the diameter of the tire

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diy garden projects garden stool old tire measure


STEP 2: Draw the circle on the wooden board

diy garden building projects furniture stool wooden board
To do this, get a rope and use it like a compass. Move the tip of the radius along the entire board. Finally, connect the dots to complete the circle.

STEP 3: Cut the wooden board and sand it well

diy garden stool tutorial wooden board


Once you have the circle drawn on the wooden board, cut it with the jigsaw. Smooth with sandpaper along the edge to remove burrs. Paint it on both sides. When it dries, it will be placed as a cover at the bottom of the tire.

STEP 4: Paint the tire

diy garden furniture stool ottoman tire painting


Apply a primer on the tire to seal the surface well and prevent it from cracking. Then, choose the color you prefer and paint on the outside. Finally, the place a cushion over the wood board.