DIY Dolls made of Clay Flower Pots + Cute Eyes Templates

It’s spring time! And we are looking for a crafty and creative way to decorate our home with cheerful things in bright colors. With these smiling flower pot dolls you can decorate a garden, a balcony, and when colder, adorn the window sill.

How to paint faces on clay pots

DIY garden decoration ideas painting doll eyes tutorial

These pot decoration ideas are so cute, particularly because of their facial expressions. The most important thing here is to paint a face that is happy and fun. Below, we have step-by-step pictures and several templates of expressive eyes that you can use for your clay pot dolls.

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Template 1

Template 2

DIY garden decoration ideas dolls eyes template
Clay pot face template


These funny dolls can be made from clay flower pots, but if you like, you can use plastic pots, which are cheaper. To paint the pots, you will need a brush and acrylic paint. If you are familiar with the decoupage technique with napkins or fabric, you can use that, too.

Materials Needed

DIY garden decoration ideas flower pots dolls materials

  • Clay flower pots of various sizes (2 large, 10 small)
  • Assorted brushes
  • Acrylic paint in a spectrum of colors
  • Marker or pencil
  • Scissors
  • String or rope
  • Silicone adhesive
  • optional: hands and feet from an old doll

Step-by-Step Guide

DIY garden project ideas clay flower pots dolls eyes

1. Prepare the Pots

Start by painting the clay flower pots with a base coat of white acrylic paint using a paint roller. This provides a clean canvas for your doll’s face.

DIY garden decoration ideas clay pots acrylic paint

2. Create the Eyes

Using the provided template, sketch the eyes onto the pot using a pencil or marker. These expressive eyes are key to infusing personality into your doll. Discover in this post a cool idea how to transfer the eyes onto the clay pot using carbon paper.

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DIY garden decoration ideas dolls pencil eyes

3. Paint the Eyes

 Use thin brushes and acrylic paints to fill in the eyes with vibrant colors, ensuring they convey a happy and playful expression.

DIY garden decoration ideas how to paint doll eyes

4. Design the Dress

Get creative with decorating the “dress” of your doll. Experiment with different painting techniques, or consider decoupaging the pot with fabric or decorative prints for added flair.

The pot in this example is painted with white paint and pink stripes. It is used a stamp for the cupcakes. As mentioned before, you can decoupage the pots with fabric and flower prints, for example.

DIY garden decor funny dolls dress rose stripes

5. Attach Limbs

Use a combination of rope and silicone adhesive to attach smaller pots as arms and legs to your doll. You can also repurpose old doll parts for a unique touch.

DIY garden decoration ideas legs arms rope

DIY garden ideas clay flower pots structure
DIY garden decorations dolls teracotta flower pots ideas
DIY garden decorating ideas cute girl clay pots hair
DIY home decorations clay pots diffrent sizes doll
DIY garden decor idea cute girl doll pots
DIY garden decoration ideas doll teracotta pots boy