DIY garden decor idea – Cute piggy made of flower pot and polymer clay

We have already shown you how to make cute dolls with flower pots so this is something like a sequel.This cute piggy dan be a great decor for themed kids birthday parties or to be used as a garden decor idea.

DIY garden decor idea with a piggy

DIY garden decor idea cute piggy flower pot clay



• Clay flower pot
• 80mm Styrofoam ball
• Hot glue
• Scissors
• Pink polymer clay
• White Glue
• Blush Ruddy foam
• Roller and spatula
• Pencil 6b
• White Sandpaper
• Nail dotting tool
• Paint brushes
• pink buttons
• paint in colors: baby pink, chocolate, black and white

With a flat brush lay on two coats of baby pink paint on the flower pot. Pass the roll over to spread the paint perfectly.

DIY garden decor idea in pinky pink

DIY garden decor idea clay pot pink paint

With the pencil 6B draw a half moon on the flower pot to form the piggy’s pants. Even with the flat brush, paint with the chocolate brown paint on the marked spot. Lay on two coats and pass the roll over.

 DIY garden decor idea pink piggy flower pot

With the brush and white paint make a punctured line on the brown half.

DIY garden decorations idea piggy clay pot painting

Sand the 80 mm styrofoam ball. Cover with the polymer clay and wait three hours to dry.


DIY garden decor idea polymer clay piggy pink

DIY garden decor idea polymer clay craft piggy

Even with clay dough, make a ball and flatten. With the nail dotting tool drill two holes in the ball, to turn it into piggy’s nose. To make the ears, make a roll, cut pieces with the spatula and flatten and fold the sides as shown on the image. Make three drumsticks very thin, correct them with scissors and put them together, forming the hair. To make two drumsticks for the feet, flatten them with a spatula and make markings. For the arms, make two elongated drumsticks and mark the like the feet.

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DIY garden decor idea piggy legs  ears polymer clay
With white glue, glue the little arms and legs on the flower pot, forming the small body of the pig. Position the ears, hair and nose, using the same glue. Let dry for a day.

DIY garden table decor idea flower pot polymer clay doll

Paint the cute face of the piggy. For the eyelashes and eyebrows, use thin brush and black paint. For the mouth do the path on one side only. With a soft brush make it blush.

DIY garden decor idea piggy eyes paint
With hot glue, glue the two buttons on the piggy’s vest.

DIY garden decor ideas piggy polymer clay flower pot clay

DIY garden decor table idea flower pot piggy