DIY fall decor inspiration – Craft projects with wood slices and twigs


A year ago our neighbors in the cottage trimmed cherry wood. Seeing this, we got an idea for this diy fall decor inspiration and took the opportunity to choose and gather just the branches and put them on a big bunch close to home. In the evening I was cutting them into small pieces. I have often talked about the benefits of monotonous action: doing this kind of work, you can listen to music or think in silence, in such moments come up with new ideas and thoughts. Freshly cut cherry tree smells incredible and the next few weeks the air at home will be filled with a dizzying fragrance.

DIY fall decor inspiration – flower pot from cherry wood twigs

Let’s get started. For this diy fall decor inspiration we are going to make small round pots. The project requires:
– An old bowl
– Glue
– Old newspapers and paper
– Hot glue gun
– Shears chopped cherry twigs or other wood.

diy fall decor inspiration cut cherry wood small pieces

Using an old plastic bowI make a form with the “papier-mache” technique. For this you need to stick to the bowl three layers of paper moistened with water. Then apply six or seven layers moistened with white glue.

diy inspiration fall decor plafond papier mache technique
After that it is necessary leave the form to dry for a day or two. Then use an office knife to cut the ball in half, remove the cover and glue the ball again.

diy inspiration fall decor old plafond glue wood slices

Next use a hot glue gun to glue the chopped pieces of wood over the form, starting from the bottom.

diy fall decor inspiration cherry wood glue slices twigs
Place a small glass of water inside and place a beautyful composition of flowers or branches for a fall atmosphere.

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table centerpiece wood twigs fresh flower diy decor inspiration

DIY fall decor inspiration – make a cherry wood clock and planter

From such a simple, affordable and eco-friendly material you can make a wall clock with a rustic look.

diy fall decor inspiration eco frendly home clock wall

This requires a round base, long branches, clockwork with arrows and a little imagination. You can improvise and replace numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 with wooden figures.

diy fall decor inspiration cherry wood home clock
You can make a small picture of floristic plant pots or another interesting shape .

diy fall decor inspiration floristic small picture wood twigs decoration

To create such a planter, it was used a paper tube that remained from some promotional materials. Cut the cardboard tube into two parts and attach some strings for hanging on the wall.

rustic planter dryed fresh flower fall decor diy inspiration
Next glue all the chopped branches over the tube. With planter like this you can create a composition of dried flowers, fresh flowers for any occasion or seasonal decor. Depending on the flower arrangement inside it will be very beautiful and festive during the seasons.

diy inspiration fall decor dryed fresh flower planter cherry wood slices
Of course it’s very hard work, but believe me it’s worth it. The decorations made with natural materials have a special charm and create a cozy atmosphere at home.