DIY fall candle holders – Decorating tin cans with dried leaves

The fall is the perfect time for another craft project because the nature provide us the most beautiful materials. Everybody love the soft light of the candles and the magical atmosphere that they create. Combine the beauty ot the fall and the sparkle and shimmer of the candles to create these fabulous DIY fall candle holders. Instead of throwing away the tuna tin cans you can reuse them to make this small vase or a delicate tea candle holder.

Materials for the DIY fall candle holders

diy fall candle holder sprig seeds leaves tuna tin can glue

You will need: a tuna tin can, wood clothespins, sisal cord, a brush, varnish spray and white glue, seeds and leaves for the decoration.

diy fall candle holders tin can wood clothespins glue


Open the clothespins and apply glue with a brush on the inside. Pin them around the tuna tin can that you’ve thoroughly cleaned and removed the lid.

diy fall candle holders clothespins tuna tin can varnish spray

Apply the varnish spray coating over the clothespins. Let dry for 15 minutes.

diy fall candle holders sisal cord wood clothespins


Apply glue in the middle (outside) of the clothespins and wrap the sisal cord over them.

diy fall candle holders seeds leaves decor tin can


Attach a sprig of dried seeds and leaves with a glue. Fix them on the sisal, especially where there are the knots.

fall candle holders crafts seeds leaves decorations


Apply the spray varnish over the entire piece and let it dry again for about 15 minutes.

DIY fall candle holders spending a soft light

diy fall candle holders wood clothespins seeds dried leaves decor