DIY business card display stand made of a folded book

If you are lover of books in every way and you not only love to read books but to use them in your crafts as well, then have a look at this unusual idea for a card display stand made of a book with folded pages. A really practical solution for organizing business or greeting cards, notes or letters.

DIY business card display stand – Materials and tools:

how-to-make-business-greeting- card display stand book-pages

 a book, an utility knife, a small wooden cutting board, glue

The length of the cutting board should be a bit larger than the book spine while the width could be the same like the width of the cover more or less. You can certainly experiment and choose a base that is slightly larger than the dimensions of the book as well. In a simplified variant a base is not needed, if the book has a hard cover.

business card display stand tutorial-book-utility-knife

Using the utility knife separate carefully the cover of the book from the body.


Fold the pages in half and tuck them securely into the center of the book. Continue until all pages are folded. In the end you should get roughly this shape.

Depending on the number of pages and their thickness results may be slightly different. In this way a book can serve as a business card holder, even without being glued to a wooden base but it give it a more completed look. Glue the last two pages to the cutting board.


Done! You can now put between the folded book pages your business and greeting cards, notes or letters.

Your finished card display stand should look like this

homemade-business card display stand reused-book
You can finish the look of your card holder by gluing a decorative button at the spine of the book (as pictured above).

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By folding book pages you can experiment and get other shapes for your card display stand. For example a triangle …


… or a trapezium.

Have fun!