DIY bedroom lighting and decor idea for cat lovers

Lighting is one of the most important things in a bedroom. Especially the indirect lighting that creates magical effects on walls and ceilings. This original DIY bedroom lighting idea is absolutely gorgeous because it combines dimmed light and cute decoration. Follow the tutorial on how to make these interesting wall sconces. It’s also ideal for cat lovers because the fluorescent lamps illuminate the silhouettes of cats. They are invited in this cozy, warm colored bedroom. Their delicate highlighted silhouette is being freely distributed on the large wall above the bed. Because the animals are “retained” in various stages of movement, the scenery is very dynamic.

Needed materials for the DIY bedroom lighting

3 MDF boards – 12 mm,
2 aluminum end strips,
3 tube lights with holder,
wood screws – width 3 mm, length 12 mm,
plastic anchor screws for drywall
wall paint
a scroll saw
a cordless drill

Find several cat templates like this one, enlarge, print out, cut out and transfer it on the MDF board.

diy bedroom lighting decor idea transferring cat template mdf board

Cut out using a jigsaw. Smooth the edges with fine sandpaper.

diy bedroom lighting decor idea sawing cat silhouette mdf board

diy bedroom lighting decor idea sanding edges cat mdf board

Paint the inner surface of the MDF board with white acrylic paint to reflect the light better. Apply acrylic paint in the color of the wall on the outer side.

diy bedroom lighting decor idea painting cat mdf board

Bend the aluminum end strip to receive a shape like this on the image and attach it to the MDF board (white painted side).

bedroom lighting decor idea tutorial mounting aluminium end strip

Mount the tube lights to the wall using the plastic anchor screws for quick assembly and then install over the cat silhouette again by using drywall anchors.

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bedroom lighting decor idea  wall mounting tube lighting

diy bedroom lighting decor idea wall mounting mdf boards

Our DIY bedroom lighting is ready!

diy bedroom lighting decor idea indirect lighting cat silhouettes