DIY bathroom decor on a budget – Cute wall mirrors idea

Transform your small bathroom with creative DIY bathroom decor! If you want to decorate your bathroom in an unique way, have a look at this cheap and easy project. Instead of one boring bathroom mirror you can have several unique doily framed mirrors in various sizes. The cake doilies are so cute, decorative and versatile that they have been often used for other purposes. They bring a touch of the past and are a great addition to a table decoration in vintage style. Today, doilies are available in a variety of forms, sizes and patterns what makes them even more suitable for any kinds of crafty projects.

DIY bathroom decor on a budget – You need:

diy bathroom decor on a budget mirror crafts doilies spray paint tutorial

– round mirrors in various sizes (3mm thick)
– cake doilies – the internal circles should match the mirror sizes
– spray paint in various shades of red or a color that matches your bathroom decor
– a newspaper for cover the place while spray-painting
– scissors
– double-sided tape
Tesa PowerStrips (waterproof)

diy bathroom ideas cake doilies red spray paint


Place the doily on the newspaper and spray with spray paint. Make this in a well ventilated place. Allow to dry.

bathroom decorating ideas craft cheap project mirrors doilies

 Cover the mirror backside with double-sided tape.

diy bathroom ideas wall mirrors project double sided tape

 Cut the tape into shape.

diy bathroom ideas round mirror double sided tape

Then remove the protective film, stick the mirror on the cake doily and press.

diy bathroom decor ideas cheap easy project doilies mirrors

Clean the wall, where you will hang the mirror. You may wipe again with a cloth over the spot and to wait 10 seconds.

diy bathroom ideas mirrors clean tile surface

diy bathroom ideas doily framed mirrors waterproof strips

Stick the Tesa Power Strip to the back of the mirror and install it on the wall.

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diy bathroom decor ideas round mirrors red painted doilies

Arrange them in different levels to create an interesting effect. The combination of different mirror sizes, doilies and reds makes this DIY bathroom decor unique.

diy bathroom decor ideas budget wall mirrors red doilies frames