3 cheap DIY furniture projects – Ideas to reuse wooden things at home

If you need new wooden furniture but you can’t afford the expencive products on the market, then you can try these easy DIY furniture projects. You can easily reuse wine crates and pallets and transform them in a beautiful and cheap pieces of furniture.

DIY furniture projects with old wooden crates

diy furniture projects wooden crates shelving unit kitchenware


These ideas are perfect for all DIY fans that prefer eco-friendly and non-standard solutions. The cost of production (or more precisely – the assembly) of any of these DIY wooden furniture projects are much lower than the factory-made counterparts.

cheap diy furniture projects reusing wooden wine crates towel storage


You don’t know how to create a shelving unit for storing extra towels, perfumes and other essential elements in everyday life? You can reuse wine crates and build this storage shelves in just four steps.

furniture projects wooden crate bathroom storage

Use creativity and some paint to turn dismantled wooden pallets or a couple of wood slats into a charming planter shelf.

DIY furniture projects and garden decor

cheap diy furniture projects wooden planter shelf garden tools


diy furniture projects planter shelf tutorial wood slats assembling


Amazing how easy is to transform a simple wooden crate in a sweet decor for your garden. It’s simple, fast and you can customize the design according to your taste.

diy garden decor furniture projects wooden crate flowers

 inexpensive furniture projects wooden wine crate flower planter

 And two more ideas for reusing wooden wine crates.

inexpensive diy wall shelves wooden wine crates paint


cheap diy furniture wall shelves wooden wine crates fabric decoupage