Bathroom organizing ideas – Towel storage made of decoupaged tin cans


Recycling projects is ideal for preserving the environment and can look amazing as home decor after a little transformation. We are offering you two DIY bathroom organizing ideas that are made from tin cans. Create a beautiful towel storage and a toilet paper roll holder by customizing them with different prints using napkins and the decoupage technique. There are both perfect for decorating the bathroom and putting everything in its place.

Bathroom organizing ideas with tin cans

bathroom organizing ideas tin cans towel storage


Materials: 6 tin cans, fabric with flower pattern, white primer, paint brushes, 20 meters of 13 mm bias tape in red checkered pattern, flower stencil, scissors, paint roller, MDF 43 x 58 cm with 1 cm thick, a drill or hammer and nails, bolts and nuts, a hot glue gun.

Wash the tin cans. If necessary, adjust the burrs on the inside of the can with a hammer. Apply two coats of primer on the entire can and wait to dry. With the same brush, lay on a coat of white or mily paint.

bathroom storage ideas towels tin cans decoupage
Cut out the flowers from the fabric.

bathroom organizing ideas decoupage tin cans


Apply glue on the inside of the cut fabric and then attach it to the tin can.

bathroom organizing ideas decoupage fabric tin cans towels


With the brush apply a small amount of paint along the sides of the cut. Position the flower stencil randomly on the side and form some flowers.

bathroom towel storage reusing tin cans decoupage ideas


With white paint highlight the center of the flower cutouts. With the same brush and green paint, paint small leaves on the sides of the cutouts.

bathroom organizing ideas painting tin cans decoupage
To waterproof our towel storage apply hydromatte lacquer over the entire tin can. Allow to dry for 40 minutes. Apply glue cloth on one side of the bias tape and then wrap it across the top edge of the can to give it a finished look.

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bathroom organizing ideas diy towel storage tin cans


bathroom organizing ideas towel storage wall mdf board

If you’re planning to hang it on a wall, you can attatch the tin cans on a painted MDF board.

diy bathroom project towel storage ideas tin cans roses decoupage fabric

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Bathroom organizing ideas – Toilet paper roll holder

bathroom organizing ideas toilet paper rolls holder tin cans


The second project is about DIY toilet paper roll holder. You are already familiar with the decoupage technique so we don’t have to explain it again step-by-step. Just this time we are not using fabric but a paper napkin. Remove the white layer of the napkin and keep only the colored part.


bathroom organizing ideas tin can toilet paper roll holder

Measure the can and cut the same size of the napkin, but leave 1 cm allowance. WIth white glue and a brush glue the napkin on the tin can.

bathroom organization toilet paper roll holder decoupage paper napkin


bathroom organizing ideas DIY toilet paper roll holder

With white glue, attach the red bias tape on the ends of the tin cans.

diy bathroom organization ideas toilet paper roll holder napkin

Cut a strip of wide grosgrain ribbon and pass it around the can. To maintain the position use the hot glue gun,repeat on the other cans and bind them together.

bathroom organizing ideas decoupage paper roll holder


bathroom organizers diy ideas storage paper rolls holder tin cans

bathroom organizers projects towel storage idea tin cans pyramid