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DIY bamboo wall decor ideas – 2 craft projects with bamboo sticks

We bring to your attention an interesting bamboo wall decor ideas for your home. This amazing decoration is made of bamboo sticks.

Bamboo wall decor ideas with bamboo sticks – How to assemble it

bamboo wall decor ideas burned sticks put together

Materials used in the tutorial:
• 2 packs of 150g coconut coir
• 1 liter of natural coconut adhesive
• aluminum form 20×20 cm
• scissors
• 1 m wire
• needle-nose pliers
• cutting pliers
• pair of rubber gloves
• 8 bamboo sticks with a length of 50 cm and 3 cm in diameter
• 4 pieces 6cm vulcanized or copper wire (1.5 mm 25 cm)
• hammer
• burner
• drill
• white glue

Cut the bamboo in the required dimensions. Burn the sticks in your desired tone of brown to create an ineteresting effect.

creative frame decoration bamboo chared sticks

Cross two sticks of bamboo, leaving 10 cm from each end. Make a hole where both sticks overlap. Make another hole – 5 cm from the first. Then use cutting pliers to cut pieces of 3 cm in the form of bolts.

bamboo frame project drilling holes

Put glue into the holes and insert the bolts to hold the sticks together.

bamboo natural decor idea bolts inserts
Use rubber bands to tie the rods as shown.

wall decor bamboo cane diy idea
Mix coconut fibers and natural glue. Before you start, put the rubber gloves to protect your hands. Leave the fibers for 2 hours to absorb the entire quantity of adhesive.

First you need to make coconut coir in a square shape. Use the appropriate container /aluminum form/ 20×20 cm. Then make a pot, which we will cut into two parts. Leave the made forms to dry for 48 hours.

bamboo plant frame arapia form

natural bamboo frame decor project
Cut two 20 cm pieces of wire and use them to put together the two parts. Make a hook on the back for wall mounting.

natural bamboo sticks coconut coir fix parts

diy bamboo wall decor idea

Bamboo wall decor ideas with a sunflower

This is another version of the project. You can make the sunflowers out of polymer clay or just to buy one.

bamboo wall decor ideas sunflower coconut coir

diy bamboo sticks make sunflower

natural bamboo plant layout straw

sunflower leaves bamboo decor project

sunflower wall decor bamboo idea

diy natural bamboo plant ribbon cutting

sunflower bamboo frame decoration