Make a candy flower bouquet – DIY idea with paper roses and chocolates

Women in general love chocolates and flowers, so combine these two passions and make a beautiful candy flower bouquet. You’ll surely become plenty of compliments and the beautiful paper roses will last longer than the others,

Candy flower bouquet – Materials

make candy chocolates paper roses flower bouquet materials

To make this bouquet you will need: cellophane bags; craft paper in pink, raffia or other ribbon in  lilac and pink, decorative small roses and mini clothespins, sprig of faux roses, scissors, hot glue gun, tape, and candy.

Candy flower bouquet – How to make paper roses

make candy bouquet diy gift idea paper pink dots

Start by cutting a strip of pink paper with a width of 8 cm. Fold the sides inward and bend the end of the ribbon forming an “L”.

chocolate flower bouquet make paper roses


make candy bouquet diy paper roses chocolates


make flower bouquet candies paper roses tutorial

 After the “L” is already done, keep winding the paper to form the rose and twist the end to form the stalk.

make candy bouquet paper flowers roses tutorials

Wrap the rose stalk with green paper and secure with hot glue. Repeat this until you make seven paper roses.

make candy flower bouquet diy faux paper roses

With tape attatch the paper rose to a sprig of artificial flowers. Do this with all seven paper roses.

make candy flower bouquet  tutorial rose leaves

Wrap the sweets with foil or cellophane bags and close it with a tape. Glue some of the foliage of the faux flowers to look like a rose itself.

make candy bouquet diy flower arrangement paper flowers

 With tape join all made sprigs (of flowers and chocolates).

make candy flower bouquet diy gift idea rose paper

Cut a square of approximately 30 × 30 cm of pink paper. Fold the paper into triangles, always in the same direction. With scissors, round the upper end of the triangle.

make candy flower bouquet  arrangement diy bouquet

Now see how to make the ribbon and give the last touch to our candy bouquet.

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make chocolate flower bouquet diy tutorial ribbon

candy bouquet diy tutorial ribbon


diy candy flower bouquet tutorial ribbon


make candy bouquet rose lilac ribbons

make candy flower arrangement diy big ribbon

candy bouquet paper roses ribbon small clothespins


make candy flower bouquet tutorial diy chocolates paper roses ribbon

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