How to Gift Wrap a Champagne Bottle – 3 Easy Wrapping Ideas for Happy Holidays!

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gift-giving. One of our favorite gifts is a bottle of good champagne or wine – and what better way to make your bottle extra special than by wrapping it with some festive gift wrap? Today, we will show you how to DIY the New Year’s decoration for a champagne bottle. We’ve got three easy techniques for you that will turn your gift into a work of art.

How to wrap a champagne bottle with wrapping paper

how to wrap a bottle of champagne

First up is wrapping paper. This classic technique uses any type of decorative paper – from tissue paper to cellophane or even patterned Christmas wrapping paper – as long as they are large enough and strong enough not to tear when wrapped around the bottle.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a bottle;
  • tissue paper, wrapping foil, cellophane or other thin wrapping material;
  • thin wire (floral wire);
  • ribbon;
  • a sprig of real pine or fir;
  • scissors;
  • Christmas ornaments, or other decorations. For our gift, we opted for a real pine branch and Christmas ornaments in a red-green color scheme.

Let’s get started!

champagne bottle decoration ideas

1. Cut a strip of chiffon ribbon, which will serve as the base for our bow.
2. Place the bottle in the center of the wrapping foil and start wrapping the bottle, lifting the ends of the material upward. We chose a light and shiny wrapping material. The folds on gifts wrapped in foil look beautiful and natural.
3. Tie the neck of the bottle with a narrow ribbon.
4. Trim the excess wrapping foil above with sharp scissors and smooth it out.

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how to wrap a champagne bottle with wrapping foil

5. Cut a wide satin ribbon for the bow.
6. Make a classic bow and secure it on the bottleneck with the narrower ribbon tied earlier.
7. Trim the ends of the wide ribbon, following floristic etiquette, at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.
8. Attach a pine twig to our bow.

decorating champagne bottle

9. Now, let’s make a garland to add some extra flair. Thread Christmas ornaments onto the wire, spacing them apart. To make sure our balls stay in place, twist the wire slightly at the base of each ornament. Attach the garland to the bow. Feel free to add any other decorations of your choice to the garland. We went for grape clusters as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

Your gift is ready! You can confidently take it to your friends’ house, knowing that this packaging will delight anyone and set the mood for a festive and magical atmosphere!

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How to pack champagne bottle in crêpe paper

gift wrapped champagne

Next up, we have crêpe paper, which gives off a unique look thanks to its soft texture and vibrant colors available on the market today.

Gather Your Goodies: Champagne, vibrant crêpe paper, ribbons, flowers, bead chains, jingling bells, ribbon bows, and more!

  1. Wrap a splash of green crêpe paper around the champagne bottleneck, securing it with a dash of clear tape.
  2. Keep the festive vibes flowing by dressing the entire bottle in that luscious green crêpe paper.
  3. Seal the deal with a ribbon tie — because every champagne bottle deserves to look like a present!
  4. Get your crafty flair on and deck out the bottleneck with jingling bells, ribbons, flowers, bead chains—whatever your heart desires. Voila! Your fabulously festive champagne gift is ready to shine!
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how to gift wrap champagne bottle tutorial

With this simple DIY champagne makeover, you can effortlessly whip up a one-of-a-kind and stunning gift — perfect for spreading cheer during those festive friend visits!

Decorating a champagne bottle like a Christmas tree

champagne bottle wrapping ideas

Lastly, if you really want to make an impression, why not try decorating your champagne bottles like Christmas trees? You can do this easily using ribbons, tinsel garlands & other craft materials such as pom poms & baubles! It’s super easy and quick, and the joy it brings to the recipient is beyond words. Tested and approved multiple times, mind you.

I want to point out that I’m suggesting a budget-friendly gift, but its cost depends only on your capabilities. So, you can whip up a pretty fancy present if you feel like it. Maybe grab a bottle of Martini Asti champagne and some high-end Roshen Montblanc or Ferrero Rocher chocolates, for example. Just remember: the chocolates should be sealed on one end, like truffles, so they can be easily extracted if desired.

Now, let’s get down to business. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Champagne – 1 bottle
  • Chocolate candies – 850 grams
  • Soft Christmas garland – 2.5 meters
  • Christmas ornament (for the top)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Double-sided tape

The crafting process:

wrapping a champagne bottle like christmas tree with chocolates and tinsel garlands

1. Take that champagne bottle and wrap it around from the bottom with double-sided tape.
2. Now, stick a row of candies around the bottle using double-sided tape. Make sure the lower edge of the tape is attached to the tails of the candies.
3. Keep wrapping the bottle row by row, leaving a small gap between candy rows. In that gap, attach the garland.
4. Once the last row of candies is on (we’ve got a total of five rows), stick the garland between these rows. Cut it into pieces of the desired length and secure it with hot glue from behind. Don’t forget to preheat the glue gun. You can go for voluminous mica or layer it twice – whatever floats your boat.
5. To finish it off, glue any Christmas ornament you fancy onto the bottleneck.
6. My trees always turn out different – it all depends on the mood and the task at hand.
7. Glue the ornament with a hot glue gun below the point where the cork is attached. This way, the bottle can be easily opened.
8. If you opt for a fluffier garland, the candies will be nearly invisible, making the tree look more voluminous.

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diy champagne bottles decorated with chocolates

By the way, you can just place the gift tree in a beautiful festive bag. Or take transparent cellophane wrapping paper, put the tree in the center, lift the edges of the packaging, and join them above the bottle, securing with tape. Then, jazz up the gift with any cute bow, and voilà! A pretty original, in my opinion, Christmas present is ready to roll!