Handmade Mother’s day gift – How kids can make a cute breakfast tray


Mother’s day in 2015 is on 10th May, the second Sunday of May. This means that you have enough time to craft something special for her, all by yourself. This handmade Mother’s day gift will delight your mom! Not only that your child brings breakfast in bed, but the tray and all decorations are handmade. Cute, isn’t it?

Handmade Mother’s day gift – Breakfast tray made of wooden crate

Handmade Mother's day gift kids cheap breakfast bed reuse old wooden fruit crate

You will need for this handmade Mother’s day gift:

• a small wooden fruit crate, for example, of mandarins
• acrylic paint in different colors
• wrapping paper, tissue paper, doilies, ribbons
• a small glass bottle, a strawberry shake, a straw
• a small cake or a muffin
• wooden skewer and a feather
• a vase or a pot of flowers

1. First, your child can paint the wooden crate..

Handmade Mother's day gift idea tutorial kids wooden crate painting

 for example … in bright purple color.

handmade mothers day gift diy idea kids make breakfast bed tray craft

2. When the paint is dry, paint flowers in pink and green. While you wait until the paint dries again, you can bake with your child a small cake or muffins, and make a delicious strawberry milkshake.

Handmade Mother's day gift breakfast bed kids make wooden tray painting flowers

 3. Decorate the bottle for the milkshake with a strip of colored tissue paper …

handmade mothers day gift diy breakfast tray milk bottle paper decoration heart

 4. Glue a red paper heart to a drinking straw.


5. Fill the bottle with the milkshake and decorate with a purple ribbon.

Handmade Mother's day gift diy breakfast bed glass bottle strawberry milkshake

6. Craft with your child a small banner from tissue paper. Write something sweet for the mommy and glue it together with a white feather to a wooden skewer.

handmade mothers day diy gift kids cake paper topper feather

 7. Tie a gift ribbon and stick it into the cake.

handmade mothers day gift breakfast cake paper topper kids make

 8. Lay a rectangular lace doilies on the bottom of the crate and let your kid to pack the flowers, the cake and the milkshake in the little box. The perfect breakfast, that will be brought to the bed on Mother’s Day!

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diy mothers day 2014 gift kids make wooden crate paint cake flowers milkshake