Gift ideas – DIY keychain or a creative way to reuse plastic bottles

The ordinary PET bottles are unnecessary junk material for recycling, but there are plenty of creative ways how to reuse plastic bottles. For example you can make such a cute accessory – a DIY keychain with red flowers and beads. It could be also a nice gift idea for a friend. Handmade and unique.

DIY keychain  tutorial and materials

diy keychain plastic bottle creative reuse materials

So, for this DIY gift idea you will need a plastic bottle, acrylic paint, scissors, stationary knife, soldering iron, thread and beads.

DIY keychain – Here is a template for the flowers


 Cut the plastic bottle with a stationary knifediy keychain plastic bottle reuse
It is possible also with scissors

diy gift idea keychain made of plastic bottle

Draw the flower template on the plastic

diy key chain plastic flowers stensil


Cut along the contour

plastic bottle reuse flower cut out


Round out the edge of the flower over a candle

diy keychain plastic flowers beads


Paint with acrylic paint (or a nail polish)

reusing plastic bottles idea keychain flowers

With a soldering iron make hole in the middle

soldering iron plastic flower hole

Putting key chain, as shown in the photo below

red flowers made of plastic bottle painted

diy gift idea keychain tutorial plastic bottle


diy keychain plastic bottle thread ring


handmade keychain step by step tutorial


diy keyholder plastic bottle beads thread


diy keyholder plastic bottles flowers beads


diy gift idea keychain plastic paint


handmade keychain thread red white beads


handmade keychain diy gift idea plastic bottle flower


handmade keychain red plastic bottle flower


handmade keychain idea red flowers beads


diy keychain red white beads thread


handmade keychain red flowers reuse plastic bottles gift idea