DIY birthday gift idea for coffee lovers – A heart topiary and a coffee mug


This cute DIY birthday gift idea is dedicated to all coffee lovers! If you are not yet familiar in decorating all kind of items with coffee beans, we suggest you to take a look on this detailed photo tutorial. We’re presenting you an unique heart topiary and a coffee mug used as flower vase.

DIY birthday gift idea – Let’s start with the coffee mug

diy birthday gift idea vase coffee mug beans ribbon

Materials: we need a coffee mug, cotton facial pads, coffee beans, a thread, brown paint and a hot glue gun.

diy birthday gift idea coffee mug coffee beans facial pads
Glue the facial pads on the mug

Glue over the entire mug

diy-gift-idea-coffee-mug-vase-facial -pads

Bind with the thread

diy gift idea coffee mug wrap cotton facial pads
Paint over with brown paint

diy coffee mug vase coffee beans brown paint
Now glue the coffee beans

diy birthday gift idea brown paint coffee beans
Glue two layers so that there are no gaps

diy birthday gift idea coffee beans decor mug

Next decorate your mug with a lace ribbon

diy birthday gift idea coffee mug decoration lace ribbon


diy birthday gift idea coffee beans mug lace flower


diy birthday gift idea coffee mug coffee beans flower vase

DIY birthday gift idea or for Valentine’s Day – A heart topiary

diy birthday gift ideas coffee beans heart topiary

Take a sheet of paper, fold it in two and draw a heart so that both sides are even.

Transfer the heart pattern on a cardboard and cut out

diy birthday gift idea heart stencil cardboard
Take three pieces of wire and wrap them with paper

diy heart topiary gift idea wire stems paper
Glue the wire to the heart



Glue pads in several layers between the cardboard stencils to create volume

diy gift  idea topiary valentine cotton facial pads


Now glue pads on the front and back of the hearts

Bind again with thread, paint and glue the coffee beans

diy gift idea heart topiary cotton facial pads

diy gift ideas coffee beans heart shaped topiary


As pot for the topiary use a tin can


Decorate the jar with ice cream sticks

diy topiary tin can wood sticks ice cream


Wrap the topiary stem with a jute rope


diy gift ideas coffee lovers heart topiary coffee beans

Put a sponge in the tin can and stick the wire stem in it

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diy heart  topiary coffee beans pot wooden sticks
You can also decorate the topiary with lace ribbons and flowers

diy birthday gift topiary coffee beans flowers


diy  gift idea topiary ice cream wood sticks lace pearls