Creative gift wrap ideas- Disguising a champagne bottle like a pineapple

There is a tradition to give on New Year’s Eve a box of chocolates and a bottle of sparkling wine to the host. But it would be definitely more fun to present this gift with one of these creative gift wrap ideas. If you decorate the bottle like a pineapple with chocolates, then the success of the gift would be undeniable. The bottle will also be an original and fun decor for the holiday table. And the candy – a reward for the well-behaved kids.


  • 2 sheets orange tissue paper
  • 1 sheet green tissue paper
  • 1 bottle of champagne
  • 48 pcs chocolates in golden wrapper like Ferrero Rocher
  • raffia ribbon
  • hot glue gun

The tissue paper is very thin and translucent. It is sold in art supply stores and on the gift wrapping racks.

Raffia ribbon is made of long fibers of the raffia palm leaves. They are widely used in floral design, arts and crafts.

Creative gift wrap ideas for champagne and chocolates – How to do it

Creative gift wrap ideas unique pineapple chocolates wine bottle


1. Cut the orange tissue paper into squares, 7 x 7 cm. Then apply hot glue on the flat side of each candy and glue it to the center of the squares of paper.

2. Fold the edges of the paper to the top of the candy. Apply glue to the flat side again and stick to the bottle. Start from the bottom up in a circle. Glue the candy tightly to each other, so that there aren’t any gaps.

3. Cut long narrow leaves from the green tissue paper. Glue them together, making several layers. Paste over the neck of the bottle in a circle.

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4. The pineapple of chocolates will be more similar to a present, if you wrap the raffia ribbon around the neck of the bottle. You can improvise by making a big ribbon or add some ladybugs. And voilà! The perfect bottle gift wrapping idea using chocolates and sweets.

Creative gift wrap ideas for wine and chocolates

Creative gift wrap ideas champagne sparkling wine bottle chocolates pineapple


unique gift wrapping ideas wine bottle pineapple chocolates glue


Creative gift wrapping ideas chocolates wine bottle pineapple look


Creative gift wrap ideas pineapple chocolates tissue paper diy


Creative gift wrap idea wine bottle chocolates ribbon pineapple


Creative gift wrapping ideas pineapple chocolates


Creative gift wrap ideas wine bottle chocolates pineapple look