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2 space-saving DIY vertical garden ideas for small balcony

If you are short on space on your balcony, but yearn to have more greenery, build a vertical container garden along the exterior wall of your apartment. One of the hottest trend in the past several years were the pallet vertical gardens, but there are also other DIY vertical garden ideas that are versatile, functional and allow you to perfectly maximize your  balcony space.

DIY vertical garden ideas – wooden lattice holder for your flower pots

wooden lattice pots holder diy vertical garden ideas

This super easy-to-build grid is made of wooden broomsticks and can be attached to any free wall on your balcony.

how to make wooden lattice balcony garden diy vertical ideas

Used materials:
– 12 broomsticks
– dowels
– drill
– Screw type “L”
– 4 cm nails
– saw
– 10 mm wire
– hammer
– water-based varnish
– measuring tape

diy vertical garden ideas how to make broomsticks wooden lattice

Using a measuring tape, mark 1 meter on each broom handle. Exclude the hook for hanging.

Then cut the handle using a saw. Repeat process with remaining eleven pieces.

With four of the pieces build the external framework, arrange the other to form a grid of small squares inside – size 20 cm.

Fasten the lattice framework using nails and a hammer. If you want to give a more refined look, you can use water-based varnish.

wooden wall lattice pots holder diy vertical garden ideas

To install the lattice use a measuring tape to mark the wall height where the screws type “L” will be attached. After drilling, insert the dowels and screws.

diy vertical garden ideas drill and attach l type screws

Attach the wooden lattice on screws. Use wire to attach the flower pots to the wooden lattice. If they do not have holes, use a drill to make some.

diy vertical garden ideas attach flower containers wall lattice

DIY vertical garden ideas – hanging wicker baskets for your balcony

diy vertical garden ideas hanging wicker baskets balcony garden

Wicker baskets, such as those used for storing bread or fruits are perfect for housing several medium-sized flower pots. We’ll show you how to make a hanging planter baskets using thin ropes.

diy vertical garden ideas hanging wicker baskets materials

– Plants in common plastic containers
– measuring tape
– Wicker baskets
– Moss or coconut fibres
– Thin twine rope (about 3.2 meters)
– scissors

twine rope wicker basket knit diy vertical garden ideas

Start with the lower basket as the basis for the planter construction. Thread the rope between the basket weaving and tie it to the handle. In order that the rope passes more easily through the gaps, use scissors to create small openings in the structure of the basket.

tying baskets each other diy vertical garden ideas

Repeat on the other side. Thread the rope through the structure, and finish with a knot at the top of the handle of the basket. Make sure to leave about 3 meters above for hanging.

wicker basket vertical balcony garden garden ideas diy

Before threading the rope through the second basket, make a double knot in each of the strings, both about 70 cm in height from the first basket. Then repeat the process of threading the rope as in previous basket and attach ropes on the handles. Check to make sure both sides are even.

vertical garden ideas diy hanging baskets balcony garden idea

For placing third basket note that the distance between the knot and the distance of previous basket should be 20 cm. After measurement, repeat the process of threading and tying the string as you did with the other two baskets.

hanging baskets diy balcony garden idea tie a knot

After that connect the two string ends and then tie them into a knot followed by a loop for hanging.

balcony decorating ideas diy hanging balcony basket garden

Before placing the flower pots into the hanging baskets, you must hide the plastic containers with coconut fibres or moss.


And here is another great idea for vertical container garden: