Outdoor wood pallet furniture – 3 DIY pallet projects with instructions

If you are low on cash right now, you can use alternative methods for furnishing your patio such as building instead of buying. Get your outdoor space ready for summer with these budget-friendly ideas for outdoor wood pallet furniture! Pallets are known for their durability and stress-resistant capabilities and are therefore perfect for the job! Here you are going to find some great inspirations for every backyard area – a pallet lounge bed for sunbathing on the deck, a pallet tree swing for your retreat from stress life and a garden tool organizer for passionate gardeners that want to have everything in it’s place.

Outdoor wood pallet furniture – practical garden organizer

diy patio decoration outdoor pallet furniture used materials tutorial

Make this craft is easy but note that you have to consider safety. Wire cutting is dangerous operation therefore, we recommend you to wear gloves when doing this craft to avoid untimely accidents.


– Wood pallet

– Upholstery stapler

– Sandpaper

– Pliers

– Chicken wire

– Tin pots

– Twine

– Scissors

– Planters

diy garden pallet furniture fill the pallet with sandpaper garden organizer

Fill the pallet with sandpaper, pay special attention to corners. Spread chicken wire on the ground and place wooden pallet on it. Stand up pallet and stretch the wire to cover it well. Cut the excess portion using pliers.

diy garden pallet furniture chicken wire cover pallet handmade garden project

If the chicken wire is narrow, you will need two pieces. Attach them in the middle of the pallet by staples. Stretch each piece well to reach the edges. Wire have to completely cover the edges of the pallet.

outdoor pallet furniture chicken wire fixing upholstery stapler

After placing the chicken wire, start attaching it to the pallet with the help of the stapler. Start at the bottom of the pallet, continue along the top and bottom, center and ends at the opposite side.

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outdoor wood pallet furniture tin pots practical garden organizer

Place tin buckets and pots in different areas on the chicken wire and secure them using twine or wire. Hang as much pots as you need or as necessary to keep functionality.

outdoor wood pallet furniture handmade practical garden organizer

 Outdoor wood pallet furniture – handmade patio lounge bed

outdoor wood pallet furniture garden summer couch soft pillows relaxing atmosphere

Paint the wooden pallet and cover the top with a soft summer blankets and pillows.

outdoor wood pallet furniture diy summer garden couch

Add women’s magazines and good books ready for “shelves” under the couch.

paint chair outdoor wood pallet furniture small table diy couch

Paint an old chair in beautiful color and use it as a small side table.

garden pallet furniture diy patio decoration old jars lanterns
Full comfort with lanterns in the trees. Buy them or make them yourself from old jars and some wire.

outdoor wood pallet furniture full comfort soft pillows handmade lanterns

Add extra summer atmosphere with homemade garlands. They look beautiful when the wind blows. Cut colored paper in the shape you want (circles, leaves, triangles, etc.), and sew them together on the sewing machine. You can also use oilcloth to withstand all weather conditions.

Outdoor wood pallet furniture – garden swing decorated with romantic details


Soft cushions, coiled ropes decorated with ivy and large white flowers (lilies, gladioli, roses, daisies)… Build this romantic pallet swing and hang it from a tree, a pergola or stable structure on the front porch and enjoy summer!

outdoor wood pallet furniture diy romantic garden swing patio project

– Wooden pallet
– Sisal rope, 50 m
– White paint
– White tape
– Sand paper and cutter
– Ivy and flowers

wood pallet furniture garden swing diy patio decoration

Sand the wooden pallet emphasizing the corners and gaps between the boards. Wipe with a cloth to remove dust and apply the paint making large brushstrokes in the direction of the grain.

diy patio pallet furniture handmade romantic garden swing

Divide the string into four equal parts to make the handles. To prevent rope from fraying when cut wrap tape around the edges. Give a few turns at the ends of the ropes and about seven times on top.

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patio garden project diy wood pallet furniture rope cutting

Fold each piece of rope in half to get two equal parts and cut with a knife. Before tying the rope to the pallet, perform testing, so the bar is well hidden between nodes without visible.


wood pallet furniture diy summer garden romantic swing

Make a strong knot both in front of and behind the pallet boards and the tree trunk. We recommend you do double knots, to ensure the stability of the swing, which should hang at about 45 cm height.

patio pallet furniture diy garden decoration summer swing