5 outdoor candle lanterns and decorative DIY garden lights

During the warm months, we want to stay longer outside in the fresh air. Even after the night has fallen. These outdoor candle lanterns will brighten the darkness and create a pleasant atmosphere on your patio or balcony. Find out how to craft them by yourself!

Outdoor candle lanterns for the balcony

outdoor candle lanterns balcony-railings-metal-ladle

For these decorative candleholders you need: a ladle made of soft metal, colored cardboard, color gravel, glue or double-sided adhesive tape.

outdoor candle lanterns diy-ladle-tea-light-paper-flower

Bend the handle of the ladle, creating a handle for example, for mounting on the balcony railing. Cut from cardboard flowers and leaves using scissors and glue them to the bottom of the ladle. Fill with gravel and put in a tea light candle.

Outdoor candle lanterns made of photo frames

outdoor candle lanterns photo-frames-glass

For this outdoor candle lantern you need 4 simple wooden picture frames (with glass), a piece of aluminum wire rod, thick cotton string, transparent adhesive or epoxy glue.

outdoor candle lanterns hurricane-photo-frames

Glue the sides of the photo frames together. Bend the rod in the middle and at the ends to form a handle which will be inserted in holes in two opposite frames. Wrap the handle with the cotton string and glue its ends. Put a candle inside the lantern.

DIY garden lanterns on stakes

outdoor candle lanterns -stakes-plastic-cones

You need: a plastic sheet in the shape of a square (you can consider using plastic placemats), 1 m aluminum tube 8 mm to serve as stakes, aluminum wire rod 5 mm, double-sided adhesive tape, gravel. Form a loop from the wire rod and insert into the aluminum tube. This will be the garden lantern base, which is staked into the ground. Roll up a plastic sheet in a and glue the ends. Be sure that the bottom is sealed. Fill with gravel pebbles and put a tea light candle (for safety reasons, in a glass candle plate).

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outdoor candle lanterns stakes-decorative-garden-lights

DIY candle lanterns made of drinking straws


Candlelight shining through the colorful plastic straws candleholder will cast striking multicolored reflections in the room. The tea candles are put in a deep glass bowl so that the plastic does not melt.

Needed materials: colorful plastic straws, a needle with a large eye, thin string, thin rubber stretch cord, a glass bowl, scissors.


You need 35 straws. Make a small hole through the drinking straw on each end using the needle – approx. 1 cm from both ends, and pull the string through it. The straws should be now shaped like a fan.

Through the holes in the upper end of the lantern, pull the rubber cord on a needle. In this way, you will be able to stretch it and insert the glass bowl with a candle.

DIY outdoor candleholders on stakes


These magnificent flowers made of fine mesh can lighten your garden at nightfall, creating a soft atmosphere!

Needed materials: fine aluminium wire modelling mesh (60 x 60 cm sheet), upholstery tacks, a hammer, 3 tealights, 3 bamboo stakes, scissors, ruler, green satin ribbon

1. Cut 2 squares of 20 x 20 cm from the aluminium mesh. Then fold a 1 cm hem tucked around and press firmly to maintain shape. Then layer both squares so that their corners don’t overlap.

2. Locate the center of the square, position the thin metal cup of the tealight inside, and then hammer a nail or tacker in its center. Tighten by pinching the net around the metal cup to form a flower sepal.

3. Attach the mesh flower on the stake and then insert the tealight. Wrap 15 cm of green ribbon on top of the stake and then tie a ribbon. Do the same for the other 2 outdoor lanterns.

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To serve as mosquito repellent, you can apply a few drops of essential oils of lemongrass and geranium directly on the aluminium mesh.