How to Organize Garden Tools in Your Garage? The Best Storage Ideas

When it comes to organizing your garden tools in the garage, finding practical, efficient and space-saving storage solutions is essential. Whether it’s using pegboards, scrap wood, or repurposing old pallets, there are various DIY storage ideas to explore. 

garden tool hangers for garage wall

Organizing convenient storage for garden tools in your garage is essential but often challenging. It’s not just about safety (to avoid tripping over rakes, bumping into pitchforks, or risking injury with garden shears), but also about preserving the longevity of your equipment (because haphazardly stored tools tend to break down quickly).

However, figuring out what storage solutions will be convenient can be a bit tricky. Everyone has their own habits, favorite tools, and specific conditions in their garage, so any storage solution needs to be tailored to fit. The key is to have options to choose from, so let’s explore some ideas together.

Ideas for hanging garden tools in garage

garage wall shovel hanger

Hanging rakes and shovels on hooks

You can buy inexpensive wall hangers or regular hooks and attach them to the wall, either inside the garage or on a garden shed wall. This way, your tools are easily accessible and won’t get lost amidst clutter. The main thing is to find sturdy and convenient hooks of the right size and shape.

Wall mounted Fitness Racks Inspired Storage Rack

garden tool wall storage idea

Instead of hooks, you can also use wooden bars. Draw inspiration from wall-mounted squat racks to create organized tool stands. With visible and accessible tools, maintaining order becomes effortless, making this an ideal storage method for gardening enthusiasts.

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wooden garage storage rack wall mounted for brooms and shovels

You can also create a simple and inexpensive garden tool rack using standard studwork timber and wooden dowels.

ideas for hanging yard tools in garage

DIY Shovel Rack

garage wall garden tool organizer diy

Whether you’re a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, this tutorial from Family Handyman offers a practical and stylish way to tidy up your space while keeping your long-handled tools easily accessible. They provide step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams for building a wooden shovel rack.

And here is another idea how to use wood pieces to create storage units for your garden tools.

garage storage ideas for rakes and shovels

Organize Tools on a Pegboard

Metal pegboard with a melamine finish is ideal for situations where you need a single, strong strip of pegboard – like in the garage for hanging long-handled tools. The strips have a 1/4 inch. holes and built-in end flanges for supports, and they are incredibly strong.

best way to hang garden tools in garage using pegboards

Original DIY Wall Mounts with pipe offcuts

diy garden tool wall organizer using round pipes

By attaching PVC pipe offcuts to the wall, you can create designated spaces for hanging various long handled gardening tools. This method is ideal for small garages with limited space and can be customized to fit your specific storage needs.

best way to hang shovels and rakes in garage

Compact Standing Organizer for Garden Tools

diy garage organizer for rakes and shovels

If you don’t feel like or find it inconvenient to store your tools in a suspended state, consider compact stands with compartments for storing shovels, rakes, and forks.  These stands prevent tools from toppling over and make it easy to retrieve and return them after use.

Pallet or Wooden Rail Stands: DIY Friendly

simple garage organizer for shovels and rakes

Narrow stands made from pallets or wooden rails are another simple and effective storage solution. If you have pallets available, setting up a stand is straightforward: place them vertically against the wall and secure them.

garage rake and shovel organizer from old pallets

Alternatively, you can construct a similar stand from regular planks or wide rails. While this method may require a bit more time, there are no size limitations, and you can customize it to fit your needs.

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Barrel or Trash Bin Stands

storing rakes and shovels in garage

Repurposing garden barrels or trash bins into tool stands is a creative and environmentally friendly option. Reminds you of a pencil holder, doesn’t it? While this idea requires some stability modifications, it offers a unique and visually appealing storage solution.

storage idea for rakes and shovels

It can be improved in various ways: for example, by attaching a lightweight plastic barrel to a cart, you’ll get a mobile stand, and using a rainwater barrel with a lid with holes drilled for handles, you’ll be able to neatly and compactly arrange all your shovels, rakes, and trowels.

DIY Tool Carts: Storage and Transportation

Creating a mobile storage solution like a tool cart

Creating a mobile storage solution like a tool cart is a practical idea for garage organization. Instead of constantly searching for missing tools, you can store them compactly in the garage and easily transport them around the garden as needed.

You can either purchase a ready-made cart or make one yourself, tailored to your specific requirements and garage layout.

Organizing lawn equipment in garage

Garage organization lawn mower

Wheelbarrow storage in garage

Don’t let your wheelbarrow take up unnecessary space in your garage.  Install a sturdy wall-mounted rack to hang your wheelbarrow vertically against the garage wall.

Wheelbarrow storage in garage

Sliding bolt door latches, also known as barrel bolt latches or slide latches, are typically used to secure doors or gates. However, repurposing them for wheelbarrow storage is a clever and cost-effective solution.

By attaching the sliding bolt latch to a piece of scrap wood and positioning it in a way that holds the wheelbarrow in place, you can create a simple and efficient storage system. Just make sure to choose a sliding bolt latch that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your wheelbarrow.

Garage organization for lawn mower

garage storage ideas for lawn equipment

Wall-mounted Storage Rack: Maximize your garage space by installing a sturdy wall-mounted storage rack specifically designed for lawn mowers. These racks feature adjustable hooks or brackets that securely hold your mower, keeping it off the floor and creating extra space for other garage essentials. Plus, the wall-mounted design ensures your mower is easily accessible whenever you need it.

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a ceiling hoist system to store your lawn mower in garage

Ceiling Hoist System: If you have limited floor space, consider utilizing a ceiling hoist system to store your lawn mower. These systems feature a pulley mechanism that allows you to raise and lower your mower with ease. By suspending it from the ceiling, you create more room for other items while keeping your mower safely out of the way.

Garden hose storage ideas for garage

Garden hose storage ideas for garage

If you’re tired of tripping over tangled hoses or struggling to find a suitable spot, consider these unique and DIY garden hose storage ideas that are both functional and visually appealing.

Transform an ordinary bucket into a clever wall-mounted hose storage solution. Simply attach the bucket to the garage wall using sturdy hooks or brackets. This not only keeps your hose neatly off the floor but also allows for easy access and quick retrieval whenever you need it.

Give your garden hose a new home by repurposing an old car rim. Mount it on the wall horizontally and wind the hose around the rim. Not only does this create a visually interesting display, but it also keeps your hose tangle-free and conveniently within reach.

Storage for Small Garden Tools and Items

Storage for Small Garden Tools and Items

Don’t forget about small garden items like pruning shears and trowels. Utilize hanging organizers with multiple pockets to keep these essentials within reach and prevent them from getting lost.

Giving Old Rakes a New Purpose

Transform your old rakes into practical hangers for smaller tools like pruning shears and scissors. It’s a creative way to repurpose items while keeping your tools organized.

Storage for Small Garden Tools and Items using old rakes

In conclusion, there are numerous creative and practical garden tool storage ideas suitable for your garage. Whether you prefer simple racks, mobile carts, or repurposed containers, the key is to find a solution that works best for your space and meets your organizational needs.