Make Your Own Macrame Hanging Swing Chair with Our Free DIY Pattern

macrame hanging chair diy pattern

Would you like to have a macramee hanging swing chair? With this free DIY pattern, you can easily make your own. Whether for the bedroom or for the backyard patio or garden – this macrame hanging armchair gives originality and personality to every corner of your house.

Functional Elegance: Why Macrame Hanging Chair?

Macrame hanging chairs aren’t just functional; they’re also gorgeous additions to any space. With their natural, Mediterranean vibe, they add a touch of freshness to your home. Plus, they’re super versatile – you can hang them on the ceiling or on a stand, indoors or outdoors. They give the feeling of being lighter than conventional chairs. They take up less space than hammocks and can be hung up practically anywhere.

macrame hanging chair diy tutorial with instructions and pattern

Here are used basic macramee knots (square knot, spiral knot, double half hitch) so that the level of difficulty is relatively low. But depending on which design you choose for the seat and backrest, this DIY project can get quite complicated. If you have never knotted macrame, it would be a challenging task, but the result is worth a try. The time for completing the chair is approx. 8 hours, but the making of the inner network is very entertaining.

What You’ll Need:

  • approx. 200 meters of braided macrame cord
  • 2 rods with c-ends
  • Two metal hoops, one 70 cm, and the other 110 cm

Let’s Get Knotting:

Macramee hanging chair diy free pattern with basic knots

First, take a look at the knots used for this hanging chair:

Lark’s Head Knot – Attaching Macrame Cords to Start Knotting
Square knot
Spiral knot
Double half stitch
Basic knot
Twist the cords 3 or 4 times, always in the same direction, to obtain a single thicker cord.

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Step 1: Seat Construction

Start by creating the seat using the pattern provided on the 70 cm ring.

Step 2: Building the Backrest

Place the rods between the seat and backrest as shown. Knot the two hoops together as per the diagram.

Then, follow the pattern and secure the ends to the seat.

Step 3: Assembling Your Hanging Chair

Once done, cover each hoop with cord to reinforce the knots. Then, intertwine the cord to join the two rings securely. Trim excess cords and attach them to the back of the seat following the design.

Macramee knot pattern for decorating hanging chair

Step 4: Hanging Your Chair

Now you have to make four ropes using the spiral knot technique. You will need 8 cords, 4 of them twice the length you want plus 50 cm and the other 4 three times the desired length.

To start, make a loop fold fixing the threads to the chair as seen in the photo. The short strips are tied to the backrest, the longer ones are on the front. Start your spiral knots and continue until you’ve reached the desired length. Then, gather all the threads and tie them into a loop as shown in the drawing. Leave the ends hanging at different lengths and finish them with 3 or 4 basic knot.

If you can’t make the ring for hanging using the double half hitch as shown in the diagram, you can try this method: