Fun plastic bottle recycling – Vertical garden or vases for succulents


Do not throw away plastic bottles. They can be very useful in the garden, as you can see from these projects. Use these fun plastic bottle recycling ideas to make a vertical garden for plants and herbs or improvised vases for succulents. Check out how simple it is.

Plastic bottle recycling – How to make indoor vertical garden

recycling bottle vertical planter diy plastic vases

For the vertical garden you will need:

– Seedlings – here: ornamental asparagus, philodendron peperomia, grape vine, moneywort, petunia.
– soil for flowers
– Trellis (bamboo or iron)
– Plastic bottles with caps
– Wire
– Geofabric
– Scissors
– Wall vase holder

diy succulents vases bottle recycling plastic planter pots

First, bore through the bottle cap to allow water run out.

diy fun plastic bottle recycling succulent pot

Make sure that the bottle fits the wall vase holder.

succulents pots fun plastic bottle recycling indoor gardening

Pinch the bottle and take a chop with scissors in the place where you want to cut. Cut all the way around the bottle.

indoor decor fun plastic bottle recycling succulents

Trim the edges with scissors. If you’ll mount the vase to the trellis with a wire, make a hole for it.

diy succulents vases bottle recycling flower pots

Measure a hand’s width.and cut the geofabric.

diy recycling bottle plastic vases container garden

Fold at length and cut pieces, according to the number of the planters.

bottle recycling diy indoor gardening succulents vases

As this garden will consist of three planters, cut the fabric into three pieces.

indoor plant holders fun plastic bottle recycling

Line the bottom of the containers with the fabric pieces that we’ve cut.

recycling bottle diy plastic vases garden containers

Remove slowly the root ball of the plant from the container where it is planted. Be careful not to hurt the plant. In this example, it is used one petunia divided into three parts. There are two piles with pink flowers and one with darker flowers. Think about the final composition of the vertical garden ad put the darker ones in the center.

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 indoor vertical gardening diy plastic vases recycling bottle

Measure the size of the root ball to check if it fits in the vase and plant it inside.

vertical garden planter diy plastic vases recycling bottle

indoor wall decoration fun plastic bottle recycling succulents

how to make diy plastic vases recycling bottle vertical planters

Install the trellis on the wall or door and the vase holders on the lattice.

indoor hanging plant stand fun plastic bottle recycling

Place the vases on the holders or tie them with a wire. To finish, water the plants.

fun-plastic bottle recycling diy garden vases

The bases of the plastic bottles that are left over can be used as vases for succulents, which are easy-care plants with an amazing texture. Ideal for those who “forget” to water the plants, since are drought-tolerant and don’t not need much water. There are dozens of kinds of succulent plants that demand different conditions. Greens do not love direct sun, yellow – need sun most of the day, the red ones require full sun.

Plastic bottle recycling ideas – small vases for succulents

diy succulents vases bottle recycling indoor plants decorative pots

For potted succulents you will need:

– white gravel
– Plastic bottle bases
– geofabric
– Scissors
– succulents

diy wall plants decorating fun plastic bottle recycling

Use what’s left of the bottle. First, make a vertical cut towards the bottom of the bottle, up to the height you want to give the planter.

recycling potted succulent plants fun plastic bottle

Even with the scissors, cut around the base of the bottle at exactly the height where the vertical cut ends. Then trim the edges.

vertical gardening plants recycling bottle diy plastic vases

Use the tip of the scissors to pierce the bottom of the plastic bottle.

diy vertical garden plastic vases recycling bottle planting panel

Cut out pieces of geofabric as in the example for the vertical garden and line the vases.

bottle recycling indoor hanging plants diy succulents vases

Remove carefully the root ball of the succulent plant.

diy succulents garden bottle recycling vases

Measure if it fits in the vase by carefully removing the excess soil and place it in the plastic pot.

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bottle recycling fun plastic vertical garden planting

Fill out the side with the soil that was removed from the root ball.

fun plastic indoor pot plant bottle recycling

Cover the soil with white gravel. This type of plant should be fertilized regularly, but not excessively. We recommend a teaspoon of compost per month. Waterings should also be restrained. Water once a week and do not place saucers underneath, to keep your plants safe from rot.