Easy DIY backyard idea – Using a mirror instead of a pond

If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching addition to your backyard, why not consider using a mirror instead of a pond? Mirrors can add an interesting visual element to any outdoor space, creating depth and reflecting light in ways that ponds simply cannot. Plus, they’re much easier to maintain than ponds — no need for expensive water treatments or pumps!

inexpensive diy backyard idea - pond made from old mirror

We recently bought a new house and, among other things, we inherited an old wardrobe with a mirror. We decided to get rid of the wardrobe, but the mirror was left unused in our barn. One day, while browsing online, I stumbled upon an idea that caught my eye: using mirrors instead of ponds for water features! This sounded like such an interesting concept, so I decided to give it a try and make this idea into reality at our home.

large welded tub used as garden pond

We had already built up a large welded tub as part of our water feature, however the murky waters weren’t giving us much satisfaction – so we replaced it with this beautiful mirrored pond instead! On clear days you can see reflections from both sky and clouds which makes for some stunning visuals – plus maintenance is minimal as all you need to do is rinse off any dirt or debris with your garden hose every once in a while. My family loves how unique and creative this looks outside our home – hopefully someone else out there will be inspired by what we did too if they come across something similar online one day soon!

DIY garden decoration - pond made from old mirror

It’s easy to DIY this mirrored pond with some basic supplies from the hardware store! Here’s how:

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1) Purchase an inexpensive round or rectangular mirror in whatever size fits best in your backyard. Make sure it has at least one flat side so that you can secure it firmly on the ground.

2) Place several large rocks around the perimeter of where you want to put the mirror as an edging material – this will keep soil away from getting into its surface over time and also give off more of a “pond-like feel” when viewed up close by visitors or passersby alike!

3) Fill in any gaps between rocks with sand, which should help further stabilize them while making everything look nice too (plus, if there are kids playing nearby they won’t get hurt).

4) Finally, add some aquatic plants like irises – these will act as natural decoration for this DIY pond alternative project!