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Cute DIY tablecloth weights for your sunny summer garden party

If you are planning to throw up a summer garden party, you’ll have to think of every detail. If the weather is windy, what can you use to keep your tablecloth from getting blown off the table? These DIY tablecloth weights will solve the problem while adding a bit of color and style to your table decoration. Craft your own weights easily and inexpensively.

DIY tablecloth weights that won’t get blown around

handmade tablecloth weights summer garden party table decor ideas

We need :
– organza pouches
– organza ribbons of different widths in coordinated colors ( for example green and yellow combined with white)
– decorative gem stones (vase fillers)
– decorative clips such as butterflies, flowers …
– scissors,
– a tablecloth

crafted tablecloth weights summer garden party materials

diy table decor summer garden party yellow green butterflies

Place your tablecloth on the table and adjust it so that all sides hang evenly. Weave the ribbons over the tablecloth as shown.

diy tablecloth weights summer garden party organza ribbons yellow green

 The end of the ribbons should extend beyond the edges of the cloth. We will attach there the tablecloth weights.

table decor summer garden party yellow green daisies

diy tablecloth weights summer garden party table decorations butterflies clips

You can add a variety of decorative items such as gems, daisies, butterflies or a vase of flowers.

summer garden party  decoration vase daisies yellow green ribbons

The final decoration of the table top should look like this:

summer garden party table decorating ideas yellow green  colors

Then we start making the tablecloth weights. Fill the gift pouches with clear glass gem stones so that it is heavy enough.

tablecloth weights craft idea gems bags summer garden table

First tie the pouches and then attach them to the ends of the ribbons that hang from the table.

make tablecloth weights summer garden party decor idea

Add a silky narrow yellow ribbon.

organza pouches tablecloth weights yellow ribbon

Decorate with faux daisies or fresh flowers.

table weights organza bags faux daisies decor

Place the hanging purses over the edge of the table to serve their purpose and give a playful and fresh look to your outdoor decor.

diy tablecloth weights organza gift bags vase fillers green color

easy tablecloth weights summer garden party organza gift pouches

diy tablecloth weights green organza pouch clear glass gem stones